Sunday, November 30, 2008

Windy Ole' Florida

We're under tornado warnings till 5 PM today and I've got to tell ya' is wicked windy out there.
Just another day in Florida though...funny how you just get used to it.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny skies, warm temp's, heck..the boys even had themselves a big ole' water balloon fight.
Oh..wait, let me show you how sweetly warm it was...

Because we have green everywhere and absolutely no foliage at all, this year once again, I dragged out the plastic leaves and tried to get a couple of autumn snaps before December gets here.'s Kolin trying his best to have patience with me....

When we all know he'd rather be doing this...

Which is exactly how I found him yesterday when I walked out the front door to take out the trash can.

Here's one of Kody from yesterday and as you can maybe see...he's all about the NY Jets this year. :0)

And not wanting to leave out anyone who happened to step in my way, here's Tiki, enjoying some sunshine and ahhhh, some fake leaf props. :0)

Well my friends, I had better get to packing up Kody's med's and anything else that's important just incase we do have to make the mad dash out of here for a while.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. Sheila...just go right to "You Tube" and type in the name of the poem/song and it will take you right to it. :0)


Vegas Princess said...

You amaze me with those photos, they are gorgeous! Of course you have amazing subjects. And your kitty is cute too! Hope the tornados don't come. Stay inside and play games!

Anonymous said...

Okay.........enough already about the mild temps on Saturday. And if it's mild enough for tornadoes, it's still tons warmer than it was here this weekend.

We had freezing rain yesterday which completely haulted any holiday shopping from noon on. (SIGH)

Love all of your pics! Had to LOL about Kolin's appearance when you took out the garbage. Wonder how many people going by your house were surprised?! :)

GOOD LUCK TODAY, Kody. (Glad to see you're rooting for a team from your mom's routes!) :o)

Thanks, Kim, for the info on finding a You Tube video. Can you tell I've never done that before?! While I've viewed some videos, I have never, ever, had the time to sit and use You Tube. "Duh me!" :)


Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Just stoppin' by to see if there was an update about how it went today.

And...just for the record...I meant to write Kim's ROOTS in my comment this morning (vs. "routes") but I guess in an odd sense both words could work! ;)

Maybe I'll be back again before I retire for the night...

Shiela in NY


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