Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Shunt Families Picnic

We had such a great time yesterday at the Hydrocephalus Family Support Picnic. Lots of good food, games, new friends...just an awesome day for sure.
Heck, I even won a $20 Dominoes Pizza gift card, which will come in real handy on "Tuesday Night Movie Night."

Here's just a few pic's from yesterday..I have more but not enough time tonight {sorry} to get them all done. I will though, I just need one more day.

Kolin, going down a slide with some roller things on it. I'm sure your supposed to sit on it like all the other kids did, but Wild Man was having none of that easy going down stuff....

Towards the end of the day, it was getting chilly so my boys took total advantage of the still hot grills. OK, truth be told..I was right there with them warming up 3 seconds before I snapped this. I'm sure the temp. was down to a chilly 60-ish degrees or so by then.

Stud Boy won the hearts of everyone there, this cutie in particular. Her name is Willow, she digs mohawks, she's almost 13, and she has a shunt since birth. :0)
BTW, Kody thought she was real cute too. :0)

I think the most memorable part of the day was just hanging out and listening to the conversations between these special kids.
I mean, on any given day, the talk between a couple of tweens/teens and even the elementary group would go something like game talk, sports, skateboards and such.
What I heard was in depth, intelligent conversations about things like inter-cranial pressure, the differences between VP and programmable shunts, hydrocephalus, hospitals, drainage tubes, ventricles, cysts and tumors.

I've never seen such a bunch of awesome old souls in my life and I have to say, we are super excited about next month, because we've been invited back for the HFSG {hydrocephalus family support group} big Christmas bash.

Tomorrow morning bright and early we leave for Orlando so that Kody can get his 6 month follow up MRI over at Arnold Palmer Hospital. We'll find out the results tomorrow morning also so I'll update when we get home.

Have a beautiful night everyone..and don't forget to hang with our favorite peep's over on Wisteria Land tonight. :))

Love, Kim


Mom on the Run said...

Kim -- That was a great post. You are a good mom. Only a mom would immediately think of sharing her gift card with her family. Your family are lucky to have you.

I am so glad that you have a found a place for people who are going through what you have gone through.

Vegas Princess said...

Okay, Willow is a doll! That is such a great picture. Sounds like you all had a great time and what a wonderful event. Nice that Kody has people to talk to who understand what he is going through.

Anonymous said...

Although it would be nice for your family to not have to deal with these kinds of groups your day with the support group & the celebration sounded amazing!! Willow & Kody look cute together too! Romance in the making? Have a great Thanksgiving K Krew!

Anonymous said...

So glad you all enjoyed yourselves yesterday. The pic of Kody & Willow made me smile. :) It also made my heart warm and fuzzy, reading about the maturity of these patients. I guess I'm not surprised...


Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Okay...couldn't help but wonder if you were able to stay up late enough for DH?! I was watching parts of the Music Awards and, since I don't normally watch DH, thought of you when it came on (late) after the awards...!


Shiela in NY


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