Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things To Do...


Debbie said...

LOL, That's cute!! I need a list to follow, as I have company coming friday for Thanksgiving week. Oh well, it's my kids, but I have loads to do!! 8 more people in my house to feed!!

Ok now come over top my blog and start following me. You know that thingy to the right that says followers? Come on, you can do it...LOL.. Please?

Love ya,
God Bless~

Rick said...

15. Find the missing socks that somehow disappear every time you wash them.

Anonymous said...

Kim, that list was was too cute! At first I wondered if it was something you copied somewhere, but then there was obviously too much "personal" Kim information on there! I especially liked the last two!! :)

Hope you're feeling better.


Janet said...

#15 Call your Mom

Vegas Princess said...

I love your list! Very cute. Lists make me feel productiove. Something about crossing things off makes me think I have accomplished something. Hope you get everything done. Especially the pie eating part.


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