Thursday, November 13, 2008

Todays Update Brought To You By Kody

Because I still feel the need to slurp cough syrup, sleep and give the Puff tissue company all my business and never ending love and devotion for inventing the most wonderful Kleenex on Earth, today's update will be brought to you by none other then Kody himself.
Oh, and no matter what he say's, he did not have surgery yesterday...he did have a procedure on an ingrown toenail..which in itself is pretty dang gross to begin with...add Kody's description, and well...don't eat anything while you read his update...warning, just a friendly warning.

Kody's Blog Update

Later Gators!!


Anonymous said...

Eeeewwwwwe! Kody's description of his "toe surgery" was rather gross!! :) But it was oh, so sweet, of him to ask for prayers for Mamma Bear.

Hope you (Kim) and your toe, Kody, are feeling better!

Shiela in NY

Dot O said...

Hope you feel better Kim! Sending you thoughts of hot chicken noodle soup and Nyquil at night!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim...I have a feeling you aren't feeling so hot. :( We're definitely spoiled with your daily blogs.

Keeping you all in my thoughts...

Shiela in NY

Tracy Solomon said...

Hello "K" Family!! I hadn't stopped by for quite sometime:)

I found your site again on another blogger site.

I actually started my own blogger site now.

Your family has always been in my thoughts so now I have your blogger site again marked.

Lots of love, Tracy and Katia


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