Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boutique Your Baby

Looking Through The Glass is happy to announce that we will now be affilated with Boutique Your Baby.

"Boutique Your Baby is a retail store and website based out of Ontario, Canada. The Baby Boutique is a natural parenting and baby
store focused on sustainability. This means that we will be selling cloth
diapers, slings, nursing gear, wooden toys, sustainable fibre clothes for baby,
and more as we grow."

Last year, if ya'all remember...Adriana was a featured baby on the Babylegs website. Through that, I was contacted by Boutique Your Baby who also sells Babylegs in addition to many other natural baby products, which range anywhere from baby bottles to strollers and everything else you can think of inbetween.
If you are "going green" as we are, you'll love this store.

And, because we love ya'all so much, Boutique Your Baby is offering Looking Through The Glass readers 10% off any purchase.
Please use promotion code: "lttg" to receive that 10% off.

Click on the logo below to get there {you'll also find the logo permanently located on the sidebar}...


Happy shopping everyone and BTW, the baby shoes are absolutely TDF!! Adriana, I am sure will be sporting the little black girlie shoes with the cherries on them soon enough. :0)

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