Friday, November 21, 2008

My Sister From Another Mother

That's sister from another mother that I've never met yet. LOL!!
My long lost sister who laughs with me and worries about me.
Sheila..Your The BEST!!

But honestly, no worries..I've just had a super busy week, a few work related dramas that had nothing to do with me but did make my workload double.
I'm still trying to get over that lingering lung hacking, I haven't even thought of Thanksgiving shopping and Christmas is being forced upon me everytime I walk into the grocery store, my kids don't get clean socks often enough and Kody's been trying to borrow his Dad's, the cats cling on anyone who walks by in hope of a handful of dry food, I volunteered and got accepted as Kolin's only class Mom, back in the day when my life was more chilled out and now I'm wondering what was I thinking, my husband has turned into me, he's our families new chauffeur, chef, and appointment maker and taker, I'm three weeks behind in all my e-mails, and the worst thing that causes me alot of sleepless nights...
I can't even find five minutes to call my own Mom, who would walk in front of a semi if it would make her kids happy.
I'm an awful daughter, I am, for real, no joke.

But, other then all that, life continues to rock on as it always has.
Thanks so much Sheila...why can't we live closer? :0)

Tomorrow I will be able to get some new photos on here because we will be spending the day in the park, in Orlando, at a huge blast given by Kody's neurosurgeons office. It's a "hydrocephalus support group" party for kids of all ages and their families to meet and have a day of fun in the sun. Kody will be able to finally meet other kids with shunts and the whole day is gonna be awesome.
Heck, even Karlio is way into it...making 40 pounds of chicken, two giant sized tins of mac and cheese and is helping running the BBQ's.

Sunday is my goal day to have every last hat order finished and ready for the mail on Monday morning. I apologize again for the delay, but like I mentioned..I didn't want to go anywhere near the supplies and hats while I was sick for safety sake. All's good though and new, cool, funky hats will be on those little noggins very soon.
Thank you everyone for understanding.

Monday is Kody's MRI day. We have to have him at Arnold Palmer Hospital at 7:30 AM for his 8:00 AM MRI. Then we go see his surgeon for his shunt to be reset {the MRI will mess up his shunt setting, because of the magnets} and we will also get the results of the MRI while we are there.

OK, I think that's it in a nutshell. We've been busy, but busy in a good way. :0)

I'll be back on tomorrow night to let ya'all know how much fun we had at the park.

Have a beautiful night everyone!!


PS. How about Sunday Mom?


Anonymous said...

Awe, shucks, made me both smile and lol tonight! :o) I agree...we SHOULD live closer together!

You know........since you've made it obvious you're not willing to move back to New York State, I would NOT be hesitant to move a bit south right about now so we could finally meet!! (And I still promise to contact you the next time we come to FL...!) I'm glad you are all okay. Between your last post, and not posting for two nights, I just got a tad nervous. ['ve REALLY spoiled us with your daily posts!! :o) ]

It sounds like Karl has really stepped up to the plate with your away-from-home job. I'm not've got an awesome-sounding husband! Tomorrow sounds like TONS OF FUN!!! In comparison, our son's specialist (for diabetes) has an indoor pool party for his clients and families but it's in the middle of January. Last year's was canceled due to bad weather. {YET ANOTHER reason to move south!!} And...get this...tomorrow while your family is enjoying that sunny picnic my son and hubby will also be outside. All day...and all night...long. Our son is a Scout and they camp out every month of the year. Thing is...tomorrow's high temps are in the low 30s which means wind chills of low 20s. Imagine how stinkin' cold it will be tomorrow night!! :) I'll be all snuggled up in my warm house!! HA!

I'm looking forward to saw pics from your awesome day tomorrow. Again, I'm glad you are all okay!!

Shiela in NY

Lissy said...

Hey there!

I have followed your story for a long while, but haven't checked up on the blog lately.


i was googling something the other day and my niece started plugging away at the key board. for fun, i hit the "enter" button...and you know how google has that real cool "did you mean (insert name/phrase in italics here)?" well, it just happened to say "Did you mean Kody Kruppenbacher?" how cool is that? google know Kody! haha i thought i'd share and stop by to say "hi!"

have a great day!

Sea52Jay said...

Hey girl. I MISS YOU!!!!!!! Glad to hear about the party, sounds like an awesome doctor's office. :-) <3 <3 CJ

Kim said...

WOW, that really is cool!! :0)


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