Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Solider's Silent Night

Requested this morning by my Mom and dedicated to our "K" family good friend {mostly Kaysha's}, Travis M. who is bravely serving our Country in Iraq as we speak, and to all the other men and women of this great Country's military...may God bless you all this Christmas season and always.
Thank you.

As we go on to spend time shopping, eating good food and being with the ones we love, please, for us, take a moment everyday to pray for these awesome men and woman of the United States Military.

Have a beautiful day everyone.

Love, Kim and Mama/Grammy Janet


Kim said...

As the mother of three sons, I found this sobering yet oh so such a beautiful tribute to our armed forces. Thanks for sharing this...

Anonymous said...

Wow! BEAUTIFUL........

Would you share the URL for that, Kim? I'd like to send that to some people.

With the economy as bad as it is this year, and people worrying and wondering, this is a sobering "wake-up" that hopefully makes more people realize just how much sacrifice is being made by soldiers and their families for several Christmas seasons in a row. The economy is yet another worry for those families.

Thanks for sharing.

Shiela in NY


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