Thursday, November 6, 2008


Aren't these guys cute? They hang out on that pipe everyday at the park I hang out in once in a while during lunchtime.

Kody's doing much better but his most awesome teacher, the famous Mrs. Jones, who has been stopping by each day making sure he doesn't fall behind, insists that I keep him home for the week because of the crazy outbreak of strep that is going around the school like wildfire. Actually, his principal had sent Mrs. Jones to relay the message for school until the outbreak has died down.
No worries about school work though, he'll just be home schooled and home tutored until next week.
Oh..I almost forgot, the boys got their report cards and did PHENOMENAL!!!
The best report card they've ever gotten..and that is all with thanks to the awesome teachers they have this year.

Well, I better get to going. I'm going on a class trip with Kolin's 5th grade class tomorrow and I've got to get some sleep before spending my day with 25 eleven year old's. :0)

Have a great night everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Awwwe. Those turtles look so happy! :o) Makes me miss the painted turtles where I used to live (we had a pond and every spring they'd lay their eggs on our driveway bank).

AWESOME news about Kody & Kolin's report cards. WAY TO GO, GUYS!!!

I'm glad Kody is feeling better, and it sounds like the school is on top of things, and being concerned, etc. Isn't it great when your children have wonderful teachers?!

Have fun today on the class trip! I'm glad your employer is understanding of your family needs, Kim.

Shiela in NY

Dot O said...

Hope you survived the bus ride on the class trip. I always found that the toughest part of the whole deal. The noise level can go through the roof!!


Wow!! We never see anything like that around here! What a great pic!

Fabulous news about the report cards! Way to go boys! And what wonderful teachers they must have this year. Sure hope Kody is able to go back to school soon.

Oh yes the field trip days. Nothing like a bus full of 5th graders! YIKES, that brings back memories!

Hope you're having a great weekend K family!



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