Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanks Kolin And Kody!

You both jumped in and took over when your Mama needed you the most..YOU GUYS ROCK!!
Sorry to give you the boot though, but it's back to me, all me baby!! :0)

OK..I kid, seriously, I am a jokster.

The weekend went by quick, too quick and tomorrow starts back to work for me, although I would love to keep the mini vacation up a few more days...hacking up lungs in the comfort of my own home is not keeping the boy "K" kids fed, and let me tell you..they eat alot, I am talking ALOT! You know, some days I just watch them devour plates of food and wonder a few things.

1. Where the heck they put it all?
2. How in the world do they move, let alone run outside and jump on the trampoline, right after they finish eating.
3. What is their secret to staying so dang thin. Peeps want to know, peep's like me.

I'd also like to give those two hellions a bit of Mom advice.

1. One day you too shall become middle aged.
2. Enjoy those Chips Ahoy while you still can.
3. One day it will catch up to you.

Don't forget tonight is a brand spankin' new Desperate Housewives for your viewing enjoyment. I'll be there and I hope you will too. :0)

Thanks everyone for making sure my substitute blogger boys were appreciated. Ya'all are GREAT!!

I'll leave you with one more of Kolin for tonight. I've got some Bear ones on the camera I still need to pull off. Let me go and see if I can get that done fore Wisteria Lane takes over my night. :0)

Have a beautiful night everyone!!



Vegas Princess said...

So glad you are feeling a bit better. Better enough to blog at least! :)

I wish I could have the metabolism of a teenage boy. Dieting would go out the window and I would not miss it at all.

I decided not to watch DH this year and am thinking I should have not dropped it. The promos have been looking great.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim. Nice to have you back. Love both pics of Kolin (forgot to say that in his blog!). I know what you mean about the endless pits those teenage boys have -- !

Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Shiela in NY

P.S. I had to LOL about the "beautiful sister" comment in Kolin's comments. Hmmmm....seems like I recognize that heart signature from a prior post Kay - er, I mean, 'someone' wrote one time. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this photo of Kolin!! One of your best!

Sue in WI

Anonymous said...

I love this photo of Kolin!! One of your best.

Enjoy your Florida weather - we had snow & bad roads this morning.

Sue in WI

Kim said...

Awww....thank you. :))


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