Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wide Angle And A Bit Of Topaz

When Kolin woke up yesterday and had some chicken noodle soup and a PB&J sandwich and...get this, an ice cold water {it's has been since he hurt his tooth that he could drink cold water (or cold anything) out of the bottle}, most of the school day had already gone by, so I kept him home and for a few minutes before we had to take off and pick up Kody, we decided to have some magnifying glass/wide angle distortion fun.

Though, this didn't come out exactly like I had in still cracks me up anyway.

MagGlass 008Topaz

That kid is such a goof. LOL!

About his tooth. Oh gosh, well there is not a dentist that I know of in Florida that takes payments. They want the $$ right up front or they really have no problem turning you down.
Karlio's job offers medical benefits after a year, which doesn't do us much good right now...however, it will almost cost half his check every week and it doesn't include dental or eyeglasses and they will not put Kody on the plan. :0(
Meanwhile...Kody has limited insurance and Kolin has none at all. We are working on that though, so hopefully within the next couple of months that will change.

On a brighter note, did anyone watch the swine flu vaccination report on GMA this morning?
So...they are saying that when these flu shots come out in October/November {I believe medically needy people will get the October batch}, ALL school aged children from Kindergarten through college will be able to get FREE flu shots this year.
Pretty sweet, huh?
Now, I have no idea where they are given..but it sure would be sweet to send your kiddo/kiddo's off to school in the morning and have them shot {vaccinated..hehe} at some point before they get home.

Bear Bear is home today, medicated and trying his best to sleep off a headache that got him in school yesterday. He didn't complain not once and stayed the whole day anyway but by the time school let out, he was a mess. As soon as I spotted him walking through the main gate I knew he was not a feelin' a too good.
He is rockin' the cold rag on the forehead, dark room and complete quiet, so hopefully he will be able to shake it off at some point today.

Well my friends & family, that's about all I got for you this morning. I better get some stuff done around here while I can. Today is Wednesday, and Wednesday around here only means one thing...
School lets out early and my "Wild Child" will be here before I know it. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Sea52Jay said...

So, if they get vaccinated at school, would they be shot for the rest of the day???? Sorry, couldn't resist lol oh okay you got me, I'm not sorry. Love ya, CJ

Shiela in NY said...

Isn't our medical system a pain in the rear? From each doctor treating things differently to how insurance is handled....

I feel bad you've got such a huge bill on your hands. :(

Hoping Kody feels better as the day goes on......poor guy!!

At least it's already Hump Day!! Oh - and please tell Kolin thanks for the funny pic! :o)

Anonymous said...

Kim- Contact Shepherd's Hope clinic & ask them for a referral for a dentist. There are some that will do the work for free, you might have to drive a little way but gas is cheaper than the dentist.

Margie Miller

Kim said...

No CJ...I will probably "shoot" them again when they get home. LOL!!

Melissa said...

Having insurance isn't much better. I have dental insurance and still end up owing hundreds of dollars after every procedure I have done. Plus, all the dentists in my area require up front payment and you just get reimbursed by insurance later. Sucks.


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