Sunday, September 20, 2009

These Two Are....

the only hell this Mama's ever raised. :0)


LOL, I do love them though.

Our date went great last night. I'll let ya'all know later where we ended up. Gawd, we were beyond stuffed when we walked out of there but not stuffed enough to walk around Target for an hour or so?
Am I the only one who loves looking through the men's t-shirt dept.? The vintage ones, the the skull ones, the rock & roll ones, the crazy saying ones? I swear, love them all.

Hope everyone has an awesome day today.




Shiela in NY said...

Somehow I don't believe that ("the only hell you've ever raised")! ;) I do LOVE the picture, though!

Sure glad you got out on a date last night!!

Good luck with yet another week of school.

Alisa White said...

I love reading your blog!! Love the picture you posted of you and the 2 boys! You are gorgeous Kim!!!


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