Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday Is The New Monday

This morning I was looking for something in my purse. Scary thought, I know.
That's when I realized "Dang I have a lot of gift cards and have no idea f there is anything on them."
Seriously, I have Red Lobster gift cards from 4 years ago, which just proves that the rumors are true, I don't get out much and I am the most boring person on Earth.
So, I then decided, "Well heck maybe I'll call those 800 numbers and see if there is anything on them".

Wal-Mart...Nada, zippo, nothing. No surprise there.
Burger King...$4.65. Hmmm, not too shabby.
Cold Stone Creamery....$15.00. Now we're talking.
Four assorted Starbucks cards....$23.00 and some change. Heck Yeah baby, you'll know where to find me tomorrow!
Ruby Tuesday's....$25.00. What? No way! Amen to the best burgers in town!!
Two Red Lobster cards...$50.00 combined. GO BABY...HAPPY..HAPPY..HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!

Since today is Monday and my boys left for school bright and very early this morning in order to practice for their newest sport, Cross Country Track and since Karlio has Monday's off, well..what could be more better then a lunch date?
Can I hear an "Oh Yeah Baby!"?

So...we pondered a bit, checked out the lunch menu's on-line, pondered some more {can you tell we really, really never eat out?} and we decided that RT's was the place to be today.

So, we called in, got ourselves all ready to roll, grabbed two waters, jumped in the "Green Machine" and then picked up our to go sack, headed out to our local park/lake and we ate till we darn near burst and even then, we still couldn't finish. LOL!

It was truly, a great date. :0)

RubyTuesdayLunch 001 copy 2

Here's to wishing you all a day as good as the one I had today...without the overstuffed bloating. :0)



Anonymous said...

SOUNDS FANTASTIC!!! You sound like me and my hubby..........I can't even remember the last time we ate alone. Seriously. I'm talking IN a restaurant, TAKE OUT, or otherwise. We just tend to do everything as a family. HOWEVER, now that ALL the kiddos are in school we just might have to find a Monday (the only day of the week I am not committed to certain hours at my job) and go eat somewhere. Of course, we're in a dinky little town so there's no RT or RL's but we'll do just fine with the Mom and Pop restaurants we have to choose from. :o)

SO glad all those cards didn't have zero balances because they ripped you off and took $ away each month they weren't used. That happened to our daughter recently. Went into Claire's, handed them her $10 gift card, only to find it had ZERO on it b/c they took $ away on it every month it wasn't used. URGH. I'm so busy that we're lucky to make it to the Mall twice a year. No joke.

Hey, have a great night! Glad you and Karlio got out together. :)

Shiela in NY

Kay♥ said...

You have the best daughter in the world(me!) Im glad RT actully ahd a balanc on it when I gave it to you or I would have been very embarressed!! LOL You goota to to cold stone, you have one in the villages and get there cup cakes! OMG!!! If I knew these things were to die for I would never had handed that card over to you! lmao!!! I have one on santa barbra by y work and i made arthur stop there i had another 10.oo gift card I got for selling the most appitizers at work, and so we got there cupcake (i think 2 for 9.97) and omg i didnt want to share!!) you gotta try them! yum yum yum! Also I got a $25.00 victoria secret gift card last night for having the highest saled this week!!! I love whwn my job does these giveaways!! That when I actully work hard! LOL Well the red headed mnster is on my ass to take her to feed ducks so goota un! call me! Love,Kayara
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