Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tranquility And Rainy Days

I wish I could say rainy days like today around here are spent in a quiet kind of way, but when you have two wild and crazy boys, the truth gets loud, really, really wall shaking loud.

So, in order to curb their energy a little I think I will head out with them sometime this afternoon for a couple hours and see whats new in our mall's Halloween store.
The cool thing is we only live 5 minutes away from three of my favorite places...the Mall, Target and Starbucks.
The sad thing is I am 25 minutes away from my newest addiction....Bed, Bath and Beyond. Seriously not cool at all. :0(
This is the department I could live in...


Ohhhh, I think I am about to hyperventilate, where have you been my whole life?!

Everyone needs one of these, especially me.

In my little world, it is definitely "Hip To Be Square" and being red is hip too.


Perfect for the day after I feed my boys beans.

HA...HA..HA...just kidding. Hehe

OK, this ones more me. :0)

I think I love you.

Oh heck yeah, I'm awake now.

Well, thanks for shopping with me...the cyberistic {spell check insists that is not a word, sorry but I say otherwise} imagination is a great thing.

So, while it continues to rain here and while my boys are blasting Metallica "Master of Puppets" in the next room and while I dream of peace, cappuccinos and tranquility and while I know that will never happen, it so seems that on this particular rainy day, I better get myself ready for a window shopping mall trip.

I'll leave you with this...


to remember what I will not be having today. :0)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

PS. BTW, no Kody's hair isn't blue. He was sitting too close to the pool and caught the reflection of the pool walls. :0)



Shiela in NY said...

LOL - how would you guess that someone would just HAVE to say something about Kody's "blue" hair? I figured you did something to the pic, to kick it up a notch.

Thanks for the shopping at BB&B. I did NOT know there was such a thing as towel warmers, though!!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend and everyone's feeling A-OK.

P.S. Kim, if you emailed me it never came through. (And if you didn't, I life's about as krazy as yours!) :o)

Leece said...

Hi Kim,
I've followed your website for a long time and followed Kody's journey and laughed and cried with the joys and challenges he and you all have been through. I've also come to respect your judgement so...myself and my two best friends in the whole world will be visiting Florida in a couple of weeks. We are all 40 this year and this trip is a present to ourselves. We are being 100% tourist. Staying on IDrive, hiring a car and plan to do ALL the parks. So...I'd like to ask the Bear Family what would you say are the absolute MUST DO rides, sights and attractions? I have to admit the thought of driving is making me break out into a sweat. We live in a small rural community in England where a traffic jam is two tractors and a horse and I drive everywhere on single lane roads at 30 miles per hour so Floridian traffic is going to be my biggest challenge.Any advice you and your guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Love and prayers to you all, Lisa


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