Friday, September 11, 2009


This thing, I swear to you, lurks outside and terrorizes me every day. It must know I have this fear of things that jump at you.


So, there he was again yesterday morning as I hung our clothes out on the line to dry for a couple of hours.
Yes, I am one of those crazy peep's who loves, loves, LOVES the way clothes smell after being washed in Gain with Fabreeze Hawaiian Aloha and left out in the sun to dry.
Plus, I refuse to waste electricity when nature will do just fine.
Anyway, there he was again yesterday watching me take the stuff down.
He just kept eyeballin' me so I figure if he thinks he's all that then I should grab the camera and make him work it.
He did...that Goober kept posing, in fact he was more patient with me then the Goobers I live with.

Moral of this story...
As long as he doesn't jump at me, we'll be just fine together. :0)

Hope your day is a good one!!



Shiela in NY said...

OMG, you're going to think I'm WHACKO...!!!

When I wrote my post earlier I MEANT to put "Just Kidding" at the very end, about knowing the difference between male and female grasshoppers. I thought it would be funny if you sat there, pondering, for a few seconds. Just so ya know....if there is a difference, I don't know it!!!!!!!!!!! :o)


Shiela in NY said...

Oh, my Gosh.......that's EXACTLY what I was telling my husband I've missed from when I was a little girl. GRASSHOPPERS!!!!!! But, Kim, don't you know how to tell a boy and girl grasshopper apart (I noticed you kept calling it a "him")??? I did notice that at first I thought it only had one antannae...and figured THAT was why you took the picture (kinda creepy, like Halloween)...

I, too, LOVE to hang clothes out on the line. In fact, last night I was making our son's bed and could STILL smell the fresh air and his sheets were dried well over a week ago!!!! Unfortunately, we have to use fragrance free detergent so I've never had the pleasure of smelling your Aloha detergent.

**** OKAY *********

I've really lost it!! Forget the "first" post, which I thought was the "second" post. I get interrupted at my job a lot so I THOUGHT I had sent this post. Then I "remembered" that I didn't add the part about the grasshoppers. You (and your Blog followers) are gonna think I'm whacked--!!


Kim said...

LOL, I have no idea what the difference is.

Sea52Jay said...

I bet they can tell.............

Amy said...

I hate those things!! They eat all my good plants and are hard to kill.


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