Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29 Again

So, yesterday I turned 29 {again} and it was great.
The boys made me some purple and black cupcakes that were totally awesome.
Karlio made me a cherry pie cuz I am just not a traditional b-day cake kind of gal.
They got me this big ole' bag of Halloween stuff and my three nautical stars I have been wanting for my bedroom forever. There is a story that goes with that, but I'll tell you all about that at another time.

All I really wanted from the boys was a nice photo of them together that I could get printed big....but, that never really happened. They tried their best but the sun direction was not in our favor. So, we'll try again today but we'll wait until almost 7 o'clock or so when the sunshine isn't so harsh.

Out of 20 taken, this is the only one I kept and of all things, it was just one of those "test shots". I like it pretty good though. :0)


Things around here are starting to really pop up Halloween. Call me crazy but IMO it is never too early to start decorating for my favorite holiday. LOL!

Here's a snap of the beginnings of a cemetery we have going on in the front yard.
Yeppers, that's real fire. :0)


Kolin's bedroom window and a view from the front yard facing the street...


My Scare-Crow {I wish I would have closed the garage door}...

HalloweenHouse 010 copy

And the front yard so far but there will be a lot more by the time we're done...

HalloweenHouse 011 copy

That's about it for today cuz I am on my way to Starbucks who so sweetly sent me a postcard in the mail for a free whatever I want.
Heck yes, it is "Pumpkin Spice Latte" time of the year!!

Have an awesome day all!!



Shiela said...

WOW - what an awful "friend" I am. I never wrote down your b-day on my "master list" -- YES, I used to be quite anal, but it helps to calculate numbers of years for b-days and anniversaries --! I totally forgot your b-day is the end of September. Sorry I missed it, but Belated Happy Birthday Wishes are being sent your way today!! :o)

Luv all the Halloween props you have. Our neighbors have something that is so AWESOME. Picture a two story house with two windows on both levels on the front of the house. The top two windows have these big films that completely cover the window. Both are "cat eyes" (one each window) so it looks like this really huge cat is sitting and looking out the window. At night they light up and it is SO COOL (er, "sick", as Kody would say!). I tried taking a pic on my cell phone the other night but will have to take the dig. camera out another time..after all this stupid rain ends! URGH!

Hey, as for your "Unmotivated Day" yesterday......I just read the posts and about choked when I saw your response to Anonymous. Go get 'em, Kim!! :) (And, for the record, I liked your post on your unmotivated day!)

And, OMG, I wish I'd been by after Kaysha signed. She spilled the beans but not early enough for me. I would have LOL, though, if she had posted a blog on your behalf yesterday! Hope she's doing well. I miss catching up on that girl of yours. :o)

Well, have a great day. Again, Happy Belated 29+. :)

Love yaz!

Shiela in NY

Jenner said...

Well Happy 29th Birthday! Hope it was wonderful!
Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen from WI

Kim said...

Thank you!! :0)

Sheila, I had to laugh at Kaysha too cuz truth be told, I know that little booger knows my password. LOL!


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