Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paper Lanterns

Speaking of obsessions, we have been speaking of obsessions this past week or two, right?
Shoes...purple...Lysol Wipies...oh yes, we have for sure.
Anyway here is my latest and greatest, paper lanterns..


I want these things everywhere, in my bedroom, in the living room, everywhere. I want them as props too...OMG, I LOVE them!

And I tend to spend a lot of time on these sites making imaginary wish lists...

All Things Lanterns

Parasols too.

Oh baby you are scrumptious!!

Who knew paper could be so fun? :0)

Hey, know what else is fun?
Nails, pretty Frenchie nails are lots of fun and with that let me let you in on my little "French Manicure" secret.

No, I did not pay a fortune for mine.
No, I didn't have to sit in a salon and wait my turn.
Mine cost about $6.00, I bought them at Wal-Mart and it took me about 10 minutes or less to put them on.
Here you go lady friends...


Mine are medium length.
Oh..Oh..Oh...they also make them for toes. I'm trying these this weekend. WOO-HOO!!

They say they last a week but mine are still securely on, I figure it'll last two weeks cuz the glue is really strong. I do a ton of housework as well {OCD at it's best} and they haven't even loosened. Plus, there are enough nails in there for two sets. If you figure that at $3.00 per "manicure", I got to say..that's a bargain baby.

Well my friends, that's about all I got's to say today. Or this morning anyway cuz ya'all know I have problems shutting up sometimes. This week Kolin complained about my "back to school absence note" being too long. Actually his exact words were "Wrote another novel I see".
Goober Times Two.

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

LOL about Kolin's comment on your note!!!! I, too, used to write those long notes. Then our school came up with these handy little pre-printed forms and each building as their own color pad of forms. All us parents have to do is check the appropriate boxes and/or fill in the right lines and sign it. DONE! (Saves on my writing skills!!)

Thanks for the tidbit on the F.M. nail kit. I noticed your very pretty nails in your recent pic and just might try them sometime! Unfortunately, I have the ugliest hands alive (Native American great great grandmother) so they are wrinkly, etc. Throw in the dry cuticles and, well, they are UGLY! Feet? WORSE YET!! :o) Everyone says to get a pedicure (sounds FANTASTICALLY RELAXING to me) but I don't want anyone seeing those ugly feet of mine!!!

Hope you all have a great day!

Kim said...

Girl....GET THE PEDI!!! Trust me, I used to have foot "issues", a/k/a a fear of feet. Then last December KK got me a Christmas gift certificate for a pedi and now I am totally hooked. OMG, love them!


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