Thursday, September 17, 2009



It's only a little after 8 in the morning, holy crow, why am I up? Oh yeah...I have kids. Duh.

This will just be a quickie post this morning, it's just too darn early to have anything to say.
Later on when I am caffeinated to the max...I'll be back. LOL, just thought I'd warn ya.

Have a great day everyone...the weekend is almost here, WOO-HOO!!!!



Shiela in NY said... are HYSTERICAL! I always figure around 10-11 am is a good time to catch a new post from you. When you mentioned "8 AM" I "wondered about you. ;-) Some days I've already been up for 3-4 hours by 8 AM....

Holey cow, those pictures are cool. Is that Kaysha's eye??? In an odd way it gave me goosepumps.......

Well, I suppose I'll be back later to see if you've been caffeinated yet or not!!!

Kim said...

LOL...nope, I am the owner of that strange duo colored peeper. :0)


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