Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Golden Hair Summer Sunshine

"Long hair is considered bohemian, which may be why
I grew it, but I keep it long because I love the way it feels,
part cloak, part fan, part mane, part security blanket."
-Sir Arthur Wing Pinero


When you live in the land of sunshine and your blessed with golden locks, and your Mom is a photographer who loves long hair and your Dad has gorgeous, sexy long hair, and your respectful and kind, smart and funny and you have bright green eyes that everyone falls for, it's pretty much a given that when you ask your parents if you can grow your hair long...they will say "absolutely".

That's Kolin, my youngest...the last of the litter.
There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I love that kid.
His laugh, his artistic-ness, his love of life, his innocence, his goofiness and mostly...the way his tousled hair always smells like Aussie Moist shampoo which I swear has to be the best scented shampoo in the world.

I even find it kind of amusing to watch girls circle around him and just have to feel the need to touch his hair.
He told me once that "some girl" asked him what shampoo he uses. His first reaction he told me was "who cares, it's just shampoo" but what he told her was "Some stuff in a purple bottle".
Guess that probably sums up his whole attitude on hair care products. LOL!

Yeppers..living in the sunshine state means you'll want to wear summer clothes nine months out of the year and if you have me for your Mama, it definitely means your hair will be long and smelling like a pina colada. :0)


And because this quote just cracks me up every time I have to add it as well.

"Interviewer: 'So Frank, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman?'
Frank Zappa: 'You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table?'"
— Frank Zappa

How very true. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Love the orchids - are they in your yard??? LOVE the mohawk hat; guessing that is your own design. We also love the shampoo in a purple bottle! I'm guessing that girl who asked thought it was quite manly to have a guy using shampoo from a purple bottle. :) Our kids start school tomorrow.......it's a gorgeous day outside (last of about 10 in a row) and they are all inside...??! Silly kids!!!

Hope you're having a great day!

Dot O said...

That kid has great hair!!! I think I'd have to let my son grow his hair if I knew it'd grow like that. However, being in Catholic school kinda puts a krimp in that idea..

Hope you are having a great week, Kim.

Take care.


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