Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For The Love Of Purple

It's an obsession, I know. :0)


I get to pick the boys up early today. No after school cross country practice for them. I wasn't able to get their physicals scheduled on time and I just found out this morning that we have to purchase school insurance anyway so it looks like today's first meet is out.
Total bummer. :0(

The flu is starting to rear it's ugly head around our schools. The boys are pretty trained to use "Germ-X" or "Purell" probably because of all those hospital trips these past 7 years, it just becomes natural, you know?
Everything at home gets the Lysol wipe down every day, a couple times a day. If you can touch it, it gets sanitized. I am kind of, sort of, a little bit, OCD. There I admit it.
Anyway, I seriously hope they don't end up sick with the flu cuz that would not rock my little world here.

Not much else new, another day in the life I guess.

So, with that, I won't bore you anymore. I'll just wish you all a wonderful sunshiny day. I'd like to add warm to that but from what I hear, warm is not loving some of you out there lately. YUCK!



Shiela in NY said...

I'm hearing that Swine Flu has hit our town. And there was a student at Cornell that passed away recently; that school isn't very far away from where we live. I know one thing....even the grade level building in our town is having quite a few absenses and we've only been back to school since 9/9. I'm hoping that what I have is just allergies...

Sorry the boys couldn't make their first meet. Total bummer. :(

Hope you all have a good rest of your day.

Dot O said...

Illness has already struck our household, but in the form of cough/cold only so far. Seems that as soon as school starts, the germs are rampant.

I am sorry about that first X country meet. Hopefully that will be the only one missed.

Oh, great photo, BTW!

Sea52Jay said...

Hey girlfriend, purple is MY favorite color. Mine, Mine MINE. Oh okay, I'll share, just cuz I love ya! Hope the boys (and youall) stay flu free. A lady I work with tangled her words up the other day (we were talking about Swine Flu) and said she hoped she didn't get the Frine Swoo. LOL So now Ashley and I keep saying it that way. So, hopefully, in your house, no frine swoo for you....<3 CJ

Kim said...

CJ, I am sorry but your going to have to pick a different color. LOL!!
I kid...I kid, we can share. :0)


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