Friday, April 17, 2009

Two More Days!!

Two more days and this family becomes all day beach bums again..our favorite thing to do on the weekend.
Till then though, there is lots of business to take care of.
And so...the juicy news slowly starts to unfold, cuz ya'all know I just can't come right out and blurt..nope, I gotta take it teasingly slow. Hehe....

Today I have to go to two places and put down some cash in order to make sure they are ours for one day this summer.
In the words of Forest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that". *wink*

Whats a blog without a photo update? Ummm..kind of boring, so here's a few from a few days ago. :0)


View On Black

And his sidekick, Kolin....

View On Black

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Dot O said...

Love the new pics, love the new music,love the new "scrapbook" look to your blog, and can't wait for your reveal!!!! And that's all I'LL say about that!

Anonymous said... first thought was two puppies. You know...8 weeks from now they'll be ready to go home. HOWEVER, I just don't think that is JUICY ENOUGH for you, Kim. Dang, you've got my mind wondering. Are you going to let us know everything by a certain day or drag this along for several days?

Oh ... can I PLEASE come for the beach party? It's been about 5 years (maybe more!) since I've been to a beach, let alone the ocean. :(

Have a great Friday!

Shiela in NY (we're finally hitting the upper 60s for the first time this spring!!)



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