Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tic-Tacs...They Are Not Just For Freshing Your Breath Anymore

They also rock as a bribery tool....

And, at the mere cost of 69 cents I can get the Kolinator to give me about 15 minutes of his time, which is all I ever really need anyway.
The bribery scenario goes a little something like this...

Me pulling out the tic-tacs: Hey Kolin, want these?

Kolin: How do you want me to pose this time?

Yeah..that is one pretty darn goodly trained kid if I must say so myself. :0)

Have a good one today everyone...I am off to slap on the Nikes and do an hour long power walk.
Which, btw...is another hint for the summertime news. *wink*

Love, Kim


Dot O said...

Great pictures of the Kolinator!!! I love the colors - the summeryishness of your photos in the last couple of entries. Makes me want to head to the Outer Banks right now!!!

Yup, I use bribery too - works well with my son still, only it's more like a $1.29 item for me....

Kim, if you have time to see the latest addition to our family, please hop over to my main blog and take a peek!

Anonymous said...

Tic Tacs! I would have never guessed! Those orange ones look pretty yummy! :) [I have a question, though, Kim. Did you take all of them out of the package and line them up perfectly for your pic? I have not bought Tic Tacs in ages so maybe that is how they are packaged, but I'm kinda doubting it. If so, who did you bribe to put them like that for the photo op?! :o) ]

I'm making Official Guess #3 on the juicy summer news. Kody is going to be the Poster Child for your local Relay for Walk. Am I getting closer??!

FYI, I made your Slow Cooker Chili recipe! Only thing is my store was too busy this morning and I ended up starting it TWO HOURS later than I had planned. You can bet I'll be turning that crock up to high for the last hour or so! Otherwise I'll have some miserable hungry people to contend with!! :) The house is smelling pretty yummy!!!

Shiela in NY

BTW...I can't help but notice all the frequent updates, and all the "time" you have to do things you love. I'm guessing you're not working at the trucking place anymore and, can I just say, that I LOVE hearing how happy you are?! (And, if I'm wrong about the job I'm still


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