Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Great Escape

We are off to the West Coast to escape the sound of motorcycles, police sirens and ambulances. Bikefest has been a crazy weekend and I totally can't wait till tomorrow when our town goes back to it's quiet normal. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim & The Krew


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice day at the beach!

Okay, Kim. You're really going to lose it on this one. Either you're going to think I'm whacked, or you're going to ROFLYAO...

I've put a lot of thought into this "juicy news" you're teasing us with. And...I think you're having K-Krew #7 this summer. I know, I's a long stretch. You and Karl ARE "over 40" but it's the best I could come up with!!! :o)

Have a great night...I imagine you're watching DHW right now...I've never been able to figure out and/or follow the storie lines so I have to admit I don't rush to the tv come Sunday night!

Interested to see if you disown me or laugh at me (my guess above)!! :)

Your (current) "Half Sister" Shiela :o)

Kim said...

Nope..that would be impossible Sheila, I had the parts taken out nine years ago. :0)
Gawd, you made me laugh though. LOL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you weren't drinking anything when you read my comment and spit it all over your computer!!! :)

I, too, LOL when I read YOUR response...and then some more when I noticed the "F"!! Hehe! I TOLD you you'd think I was whacked!! next guess is that you're going to be grandparents again. Another girl (color purple). And...if the juicy news is not about BABIES I'll try and change my focus to some other subject!!!!

(Yesssss...I'm up at 4 AM....youngest woke up then the dog needed out then the wet wash in the laundry basket was yelling that it would get stinky if it didn't go in the dryer then the clothes that were pulled out of the dryer were reminding me they'd get know the drill...a mother's work is never done and when you start one project you suddenly have TEN on your hands!! :)

While doing my laundry I thought of you, and wondered what your response was to my first 'guess', so took a side trip to the pc!!



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