Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is It? Could It Really Be? OMG...IT IS!!

My very own ED HARDY purse!!!!!

The big 29 is coming up this weekend and can ya'all believe I only hinted one itty bitty time and since Karlio cannot hold out on a secret, he sprung that beauty on me early.
And, if you think that's big news..oh, I have even bigger news coming soon.
Things are changing...changing for the way better and I can't wait to share it all with you.
But, I think I will just hold out a little while longer. hehe....

Have a great day everyone!
It is a wet, tornado warning day here in Leesburg today. Yuck!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Okay...I gotta admit...I had no earthly idea who Ed Hardy is, so I did a little Google search and found out he's a tatoo artist and that he's older than you and Karl! Hehe!! Just had to throw that last tidbit out there! Even without knowing all these facts, I do like the purse! :)

I feel like I'm a bit of a stalker, since I'm one of the few people that leave comments to almost each and every one of your posts; HOWEVER, I must say that I'm so glad to see the upbeat posts lately, Kim. I'm sooooo happy for you!

from your Half Sister Shiela XOXO

Debbie Jean said...

Beautiful purse!!!

Now don't tease us!! What is the news? I am so glad things are going well for y'all.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean


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