Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's been a long time coming, or should I maybe say long time neglected. But, I am happy to report From My Heart To Your Head has been updated. New stuff today and lots more coming by the time the weekend is over.

Here's a quick peek as our lovely model shows us some cute stuff....



Anonymous said...

What an adorable hat! Love your model, but do miss the days when Adri was that tiny to model them. :o) our surprise that you have always chopped the bruises and cuts off your boys, or that you have updated FMHTYH? OR.....IS IT SOMETHING JUICIER?! :-)

Shiela in NY

Kim said...

LOL...Juicier for sure!!

Natacha said...

I absolutely adore your model!!! ;-) Gorgeous hat!


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