Monday, April 13, 2009

Out Takes Monday

Every family has one and those who have known us for a while, know that ours is Kolin, our 11 year old, the youngest of our litter of six, our crazy, wild man, attention getting son.
Poor Bear..I swear he didn't stand a chance.

Here's a little background...
Yesterday we woke up too late and never did make it to the beach. No problem, we just tossed our lunch and dinner into the cooler and headed out for the State park instead. Lots of sunshine, nature trails, fishing, places to walk and the best part...a nice private spot that we found behind all the family commotion to put our stuff down and set up for a day of relaxing. It looked like it was a camp site, and it worked out perfectly for us.

Somewhere during the late afternoon as dinner was grilling on the BBQ, shade settled over us and the light was perfect for a few photos.
Seeing as I hadn't taken too much of Kody lately I let him have a go at it first.

Like I said..that kid didn't stand a chance, not with Wild Man hovering in the background.

Here's Kody trying his best to pose and here is Kolin in for the kill, sneaking up behind him...


Walk like and Egyptian...

Choke hold...

Finally, when I was able to threaten the boy with no dinner he left for about 10 seconds, long enough for me to get this shot..

And then he bounced back and I snapped these two out of like, ohhhhhh 20 or so. Yes, the boy is not not camera shy at all. And as an added bonus for all my photographer friends out there, he is available anytime ya'all should find yourselves in Florida. Take him..PLEASE!!

Have a great day everyone!!

We are headed out to Payless for tennis/skate shoes for the boys. Remind me again, when do they stop growing? LOL!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Good ole Kolin. I remember when you had to bribe Kody with goodies or treats. Kolin just doesn't mind doing it for nuttin', huh?! :) Your weather sounded much better than ours yesterday. There was SNOW falling out of the sky yesterday morning. Sure looked nice and sunny but it was VERY chilly! Have a great night!

Shiela in NY

Micky said...

Oh, my goodness! Are you sure Kolin isn't secretly a surfer dude? That second-to-last picture sure gave it away if he is.


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