Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Through The Years

Remember this chubby cheek, tooth missing, silly, goofy kid?

That photo was taken in 2003, a little over a year after we found out about Kody's brain tumor.
He had already gone through brain surgery, a VP Shunt placement, lots of steroids and a whole lot of MRI's by then. Still, he was the most happy go lucky, crazy {still girl lovin'}, beautiful brown eyed kid in the world.

Fast forward to 2009, yesterday as a matter of fact.

Where oh where has my chubby baby faced "Little Bear" gone?

Check it out on On Black!

He's still a big goof, still has those melt your heart brown eyes, is still girl crazy {My Gawd is he and they love him too!!}, he's gone through many more surgeries, tons of MRI's and EEG's, still takes lots of seizure med's that keep him "plugged in", he still has the most awesome personality and an amazingly strong will to survive.
Kody is a fighter, he does not recognize the word "failure" and he perseveres in everything he sets out to do.

He's the best son a Mom and Dad could ever ask for, an awesome brother and uncle, he is a true and loyal friend, he is a protector of one girl in particular, he is always going to be "My Bear", no matter how old he gets.
He is and always will be my "Hero".

But why did he have to grow up into such a man so darn fast?

Take time out to hug your little ones today and everyday because trust me, in the blink of an eye, they grow up and they grow up fast.
No matter how old they get though..tell them you love them everyday. Those three little words mean alot. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. LOL..nope Relay this year. The next clue will be here tomorrow morning though. *wink*


Anonymous said...

OH, MY GOODNESS ... I LOVE THAT PHOTO OF KODY WHEN HE WAS LITTLE!!! (Hmmm...that just made me remember the post you "promised" all of us long ago, with some pics of him when he was little!) HINT HINT!! ;-)

You have no idea how perfect the timing of your post is. Our oldest is about Kody's age and I've been thinking, way too much lately, about the fact that he's only got 4 more years of school and then...if he really wants to...he could be out of our house forever. We DO get busy and don't always say our 'love you's' the way we should. Thanks for the great reminders!

I noticed that I finished my post so quickly yesterday that I never re-read it and forgot Relay "for Life" but, dang, I'm still wrong!!! :o) And I also noticed I missed some words at the end. Can you tell it was a crazy day at work for me?!

Thanks for the awesome pics of Kody Bear! Have a great day!

Shiela in NY

Dot O said...

Awe - I feel like these last four years I have followed your blog have flown! He's growing into a fine young man. You should be proud.

Funny how my post today featured old pics/new pics - my "little" girl went to her junior prom on Friday......

Jenner said...

OMG!!! Bear's still a cutie, that's for sure!
Jen from WI

Random said...

Wow... when you put them together and compare like that, Kody has grown SO much. It's harder to notice over a long time! By the way, that photo is amazing.

... are you sure that your secret event won't be long over by the time we have enough hints to guess it?! I'm all on edge here!


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