Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Wedding

Today my lil' brother is getting married.
Why does it always sound so good when you send back the RSVP?
"Yes, we would love to attend...can't wait...sounds beautiful".
Then that damn reality smacks me right back in the face way too early this morning.
Happy couples, couples dancing, couple holding hands, couples eating dinner together, couples laughing.
See a pattern here?
I barely made it through the royal wedding yesterday and I was alone in my living room for that.

I seriously can't wait for April to be over. :(




Anonymous said... are the boys doing? How about the girls and grand daughter?

Kody Follower

Dblondfemme said...

There are no sappy words that can fix any of this...I won't even try.
Although through the many tears, I am sure you had flashes of many wonderful moments shared in your years together. I too am wondering how your granddaughter is doing. I know you are in pain...I know you and the boys think of "Vinnie" in many different situations. Those memories are not intended to make you hurt.. but intended to make you feel. Through my own loss, I realized how important it was to "feel" things...especially when I didn't want to. *hugs* to one of the strongest women I have read ;-)

Shiela in NY said...

What you mentioned (seeing everyone else happy, etc.) is exactly what my mother-in-law still goes through. People in her housing community invites her to events but it's often couples and then she feels like the empty see is that of her deceased husband. And he's been gone over a year and it still bothers her. :( Hoping you had fun and that the boys and being with family got you through. :)


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