Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dreams With Messages....

Since Karl died we have had quite a few "signs" left for us, mostly red birds {his favorite and mine too} and on occasion other silly things that would mean something to us but would have absolutely no meaning to anyone else.
I hear these "signs" {or as I like to call them, gifts} are a pretty common communication tool.

Two books I've recently read are incredible as to where I can very, very much relate to the stories that are, from what I am understanding...true.
One book is called "Hello From Heaven" and the other is called "We Are Their Heaven" by Allison DoBois.

My Vinny he doesn't come around to me much in my dreams hardly at all, and that really drives me crazy. But from what Miss Allison describes on her web site,

"If the deceased doesn't contact me ...
does that mean that they don't love me?

No, people who are grieving are often blocked by pain and the deceased has to find another way to contact them, through a friend etc. Sometimes it's just a matter of time. As I describe in my book “Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye” when I lost my own dad even being a medium didn't allow me to see him. It took me two years before I could hear him.

Don't force it and be sure to tell the deceased what you need from them not as a challenge but from your heart. It also has to be within their power, like if you requested a “visit” from them in a dream. This is in their power, every night go to sleep and let them know that your heart is open to them and that you'll patiently await their appearance. If you ask them to come back to life then that wouldn't be in their power. So take it at your own pace and you'll find that many prayers are answered."

I did a lot of wondering about this and I did get my answer.
I also got my answer from Karl last week when he was in a very real dream, so real I almost thought it was real but yes, I knew it was a dream.

In that dream he looked gorgeous as always but I mean he looked PERFECT. Everything about him, especially his teeth they were beautiful and his smile was the most incredible thing I have ever seen.
In this dream he came home and was standing {I think} in our living room and he said to me over and over how beautiful my locket necklace is.
I told him, "Oh I know Vin, your in it {his ashes are in there as well as his thumbprint on the front} and your also in the box in my room and your also standing right here in front of me...Ummm, Vinny you got a lot of explaining to do"
I remember his laughing just exactly like he used to when I would inevitably be confused by something that made total sense to him but not me.

He asked me if Kody was going to karate and I said "Yes" and he said "That's great, let's go bring him" and just like that we were in my jeep, the three of us.
That's when he asked me if I wanted to do "something crazy" and I said "Sure" and next thing you know we are driving up the side of a very rocky mountain, which was crazy cuz this is flat Florida, no mountains here.
Then he asked me if I wanted to do something crazier and after yelling at him to stop driving like a crazy person in my non 4 wheel drive jeep, he threw it in reverse and we were going fast all over the place up this mountain, me screaming "Vinny Are You Crazy" and him laughing and having a blast.

The whole while I was asking him "Please just tell me was that really your voice calling my name two days after you died when I fell asleep at 4:11 AM?", I asked him a bunch of questions, about the birds, the signs the gifts and he kept telling me he couldn't answer those questions right now.

I was really disappointed and told him "Really, come on, it's OK Baby you can tell me I swear on my shoe collection I won't tell anybody you told me" and again he laughed, and his laugh it was so music.

He parked the jeep and Kody got out and I looked at him and said "please just tell me one thing Baby, please tell me...did it hurt to die?"

He looked right at me, smiled, shook his head and said "No".

And just like that, the dream was over.
However, the one question that had been haunting me since the second I found out he was killed was answered, not by police officers or medical personal, as I had always thought they say that to everyone to comfort them. My question was answered by my Angel himself.

Do I now think he suffered even if just for a second?
No, I do not...not any more.
I believe his soul departed his physical body seconds before that crash ever took place.

Now, yes this could have just been a "wishful thinking" dream, I don't know.

This next story has convinced me even more that our loved ones still find ways to communicate with us.

Two weekends ago, KK {our oldest} decided to spend the weekend here hanging out with her brothers. Saturday night when we all went to bed, KK took Kody's bed and Kody took the couch.
Sunday morning when Kody finally woke up he was acting, well a little different. That's when he said "Mom I got to tell you something...I saw Daddy early this morning, he was here"
I asked him what had happened and he said "Mom, it was NOT a dream, I was awake. Daddy was standing at the end of the couch. He was wearing his camo shorts and his green tank top and he said "Kody it's not necessary for everyone to wonder how much I knew they love me, I know you all love me and I love you all very much too."
He also said "Kody it's time to step up and be a man, you can't be a kid forever it's time for you to start growing up to be a great man".

Just like that, Kody said he was gone. He also said that he saw a brilliant white light behind his Dad, really bright and that Karl didn't move his mouth at all but Kody could hear every single word his was saying loud and clear.

Kody also told me that at first he was a little freaked out, actually I think the word he used was "trippin'" lol. But that after a second or two he realized that it was OK and he sad it was so peaceful but that it was fast, like only seconds.

Could this have just been a son's "dream" of a Dad that he is still severely grieving for?
Perhaps but I don't think so.

Please come back on Monday, April 11th {Karl's birthday} because what I need to tell you then will change your mind. It has to, it's too unbelievably accurate not to and it was a visit from Karl to a friend of mine. This happened in February and it is still so stunning to me that I haven't been able to bring myself to write about it yet.
Like I promised, I'll save the best for last. :)

As for life here, we are still hurting. This is a very bad month, I can feel it the pain, the depression is starting to rear it's ugly head again. His birthday, Kaysha's birthday, our anniversary, our first major holiday {I know technically it was Christmas but honestly I don't even remember the day, nothing not even getting out of bed}.

We try to keep as busy as we can on the weekends so we don't sit around and "mope".

Spending time at the parks helps plus it forces me to get out there and get to driving places. Remember he was our family driver I rode shot gun always. :)

Here's a few pic's of lately...






KodysKool-036-copy he's not driving yet, now THAT would be "wishful thinking" lol.

Have a great day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Kim...You are NOT dreaming...I have had these exact same types of experiences, and I know they are real. I truly believe that our loved ones visit us when we are "sleeping" because if we were awake, we'd be so freaked out with emotions that we would never hear them. I think they come when we are sleeping, wake us up, and then leave us conscious....which makes us think, "Oh that was a dream." My father visited me almost 14 years ago and it is such a vivid memory....the light, the peaceful feeling, the talking without moving the lips, and the utter joy and purity that was present....You can't make that stuff up....I have never cried another tear since that visit.....It was as if my father came to me to tell me "everything is o.k." God bless you and never stop being open to the visits.......

Dot O said...

Kim, I believe everything you wrote. I was fortunate enough to experience a "visit" from my grandmom years ago. She lived with us when I was very young and we were room buddies. She passed when I was ten years old and it was many years after that when I had this so-called dream. It was so vivid (not quite as exciting as the ride Karl took you on...) I had to climb many steps to see her and I got to sit with her for a while and we chatted and then told me I had to leave and that it wasn't my time to be with her and I can remember descending many steps and turning around to look up at her, standing at the top of the stairs waving to me in her floral dress and light blue cardigan sweater (I dream in color). I have felt her presence many times (my sister has too).

The ties of love can't be broken, even by death. I pray for you and your family every day that Karl keeps showing you that he is very much with you every step of the way.

tricia said...

Cherish every visit, every sign that Karl brings you. What joy to receive them!

Shiela in NY said...

What WONDERFUL signs and your stories made me SMILE!!! My mother has been gone for nearly 9 years now and I haven't had signs like Kody's. That's awesome he was able to have his father visit! April is a hard month for me too -- lost both my Mom and brother in the month of April -- and now I'll be thinking of you, too.

Love the pics ... can't believe how grown up the guys look! And...loved the Tower of Terror pic. My favorite ride is next door!! :D

Thanks, again, for the lovely stories!

Kendall said...

I love to hear that you and your family are seeing, feeling and hearing Karl! I know he's with you every second of the day and will be as long as you need him there.


Pete K said...

I don't doubt you for a second. Just tell him please that his youngest brother says hi when you see him again.


Anonymous said...

You are fortunate to have had these experiences. My dad died 21 years ago and I have had NONE. But, my sister and him were much closer than we were, and she has had them. She swears that the first month that he was gone that she was laying in bed and plain as day she heard him call her name. She actually got up out of bed and answered, thinking he was there.

Kody Follower

Tracey said...

Kim, thank you for sharing. I completely believe everything you wrote happened and was real. It is wonderful that you are opening yourself to hear him. So glad he did not suffer! Keep being strong! Sending lots of prayers for continued peace and signs to come your way! Tracey

Elliottsmama said...

You and I are living simalar lives. Mine with my baby and your with your husband.My FIRST dream with Elliott was two nights ago. His first anniversary in heaven is Sunday. I had a LONG wait. I believe as you....Hugs and kisses my friends

Anonymous said...

Kim, when my mom passed away, my son was 3 and barely talking yet. I walked past his bedroom one night and I heard him talking as clear as anything. I walked in and asked who he was chatting with. He said, Grandma was here, but she doesn't want to upset you and she told me not to tell you. It freaked me out, but gave me comfort at the same time. My dad also had a wonderful experience. He went to a store that my mom always loved to shop in. As he turned to put money in the meter, a woman walks up to the meter and puts money in it. When my dad turned to say thank you, she was gone. He said she looked just like my mom. Weird, right?


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