Friday, April 8, 2011

A Minute and a Half of Forgetting

When your flipping upside down on this....

MGM Hollywood Studios 006 copy 3

It's an almost guarantee that you'll forget your grief.
It may only last a minute and a half, but some days we will gladly take that minute and a half. :)

Here's Kody & Kolin, about to get on that ride with their Momma.


As it turns out, kind of surprisingly to me, Kody is our thrill seeker kid. Twist him, turn him, drop him, toss him upside down, he loves every second of it.
Kolin, on the other hand has both his Dad and me in him.
Like his Dad, he isn't crazy about rides. Actually Karl summed it up one day by saying "If I can't control it, I don't want to be on it". would never catch him on an airplane, he hated them lol.

During the wait to get on Kolin questions EVERYTHING about it, the safety, the mechanics, what makes it stick to the track, how can we be sure we won't fall out, what keeps us planted in our seat, what if this and what if that.
Then, as soon as he gets on and it takes off...just like that Momma kicks in, he loves it!
When we get off he's ready to get back on.
Then his Dad comes back, can't control it, not crazy about it.

Today I have a project planned as a birthday gift for my Vinny, his birthday is Monday and I want to have it completed by then so I got to get to Lowes and get started.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!


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Shiela in NY said...

OMG - you KNOW I LOVE this post! My favorite ride in that theme park!!!!!!! When we came to Disney the time before last it was a major flop. 17 of us and all but one was virally sick. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of us were in hotel rooms either sick or taking care of a sick person. Needless to say, I never made it to MGM. Welllll...last April was so different! My kids took me to Rockin Roller Coaster (we had the advance tickets ... whatever they are called) and since it was the end of the day we kept getting off and going right back in the line with hardly any wait. I LOVED this ride! Found out that my father-in-law actually rode it during the prior visit which shocked the crap out of me but also made me smile. He suffered from Parkinson's Disease so I imagine they had a time getting him in and out of his seat but am so glad to think he loved it too. Just wish I'd been there with him since he had passed away before the next trip. :(

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT THIS WEEKEND. Can't wait to see pictures!! :)


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