Saturday, April 23, 2011

Almost Easter

Here we go again, another holiday.

Sometimes it almost doesn't seem real, it sure as heck never feels normal.
Four months yesterday he left us. Today I need to shop for Easter dinner for the first time ever without him.
I went and took the boys out for some pictures last night, he would have been there for that {he was always worried someone would try and steal the}.

Anyway, here we go again, another holiday to try and get through. Probably a good thing I will have a house full of family this year, keeping busy before the dreaded nighttime crash is always good.

Here's my baby boy, Kolin...


Not so much a baby anymore, he's about as tall as Kody now. :)

And here's Bear...


The two of them together, which in real life is common but in pictures where their not goofing, rare these days...


Someone once told me that I have to stop asking, begging and praying for him to stop coming around, that he will never "rest/cross over/be in peace/accomplish his new heavenly job" if I do.
I don't believe this at all.
I believe we are a part of his Heaven and letting us know that he is still here with us is just as important as any Heavenly job he has anyway.
Besides, the guy only ever truly rested when he was home anyway. :)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

AWESOME pics of Kody & Kolin ... they are growing right up!! So glad to hear you're going to have a houseful today. Us? Very quiet and Sam's Club had run out of hams last night so perhaps our local store will have one. If not, no big deal ... I have ribs that are thawed that were meant for yesterday but never happened. Not a traditional Easter dinner but it's food, right?

Thinking of all of you and hoping you have a nice Easter.

Dot O said...

They get more handsome each time you post new pics!

I hope your house filled with people made your holiday joyful.

Elliottsmama said...

I ask Elliott to be near me always. NO one should tell you what to do in this matter. I cannot do this without my baby's presence and I KNOW he is happy and safe in heaven. In fact, he is probably telling Karl some jokes.


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