Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our 31st Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful, most loved man that ever walked this planet.

I love you so much Vin, a million times more then I did 31 years ago, more and more everyday.
I hope you can still feel that love, I will keep it in my heart forever.

Today, as my gift to us, the boys and I are heading out after school to our favorite beach.
At sunset we will be releasing some of your ashes into the ocean that you loved so much.
Then we're going to hit up Little Ceaser's for a "Hot & Ready Pepperoni Pizza", cuz we know you loved that too. :)
Stay with me today Baby. I miss you and I love you so much.
Faith...Hope & Love.
Forever yours, "Izzy"

Although I had gotten this in February, I thought today would be a great day to unveil it.
This was taken a few week after so it's healed but not 100% completely.
I will always carry "My Vinny" with me forever on the back of my right shoulder.


Karl/Vinny, he told me everyday many times a day that he loved me. I would give up my own life to hear those words again from him.
It is impossible for me, so as a tribute to our anniversary wouldn't it be great if everyone looked into the eyes of their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend and said to them a simple and honest "I love you".
Those are three priceless words I can never hear again, but you can.
Do it for me, no....do it for Vinny, as we all know, tomorrow is not a promise, don't let today get away. :)

Have a beautiful day everyone.



Dot O said...

Remembering Karl (and you) today. I will tell my hubby. Every day is truly a gift and I know I can tend to forget that.

Enjoy the beach visit with the kids. And, enjoy that pizza!!

Judy said...

I've sent a prayer for you. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful husband.

christie said...

Your tattoo turned out wonderful .. Happy Anniversary to you both ... You shared an amazing love that's for sure ! {hugs}

Anonymous said...

Happy 31st Anniversary! Great tattoo! He will always be with you.

Kody Follower

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today. The tat is awesome! I hope you feel "Vinny's" love radiate from up above down into your soul so you know he's with you every step of the way.

Shiela in NY said...

Oh...ny...gosh...! I'm sitting at work, bawling. Your tatoo of Karl is AMAZING! It's more than I had imagined!! Your post in tribute to your marriage with Karl is beautiful!! You are so right...three simple words...not much when it comes down to it but how easy it is to "forget". My hubby and I used to have an agreement that whenever one of us leaves the house we give the other one a kiss goodbye. Doesn't happen like it used to. You, my dear, brought that into perspective. I hope the weather in FL today is perfect for your visit to the beach. Will be thinking of you...and hoping you and the boys get through everything okay. Sending tons of love and hugs your way....

Driving with no power steering said...

I have followed for a very long time, but never commented. You are an amazing woman Kim. Happy Anniversary, may you find the comfort you deserve in the eyes of your children.

Driving with no power steering said...

I have followed for years, but never commented. Your amazing and I hope you can find the comfort you deserve in the eyes of your children. He is with you always.

Anonymous said...

This is our 31st anniversary year also. May 10th. It flies by doesnt it. Not a day goes by that I dont' pray for you guys and constantly think of all you are going through. I am blessed today because my family is here sitting with me... Thanks for reminding us what is important. Enjoy the evening!!!
Hugs from Iowa,

Cheyenne said...

I will do that for you and Vinny. Our anniversary is Thursday the 22nd.
Love this post.


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