Monday, April 11, 2011

Saving The Best For Last

As I promised on this day, Karl's 55th {in our real time} birthday I wanted to give you all a glimpse into something that has truly turned my views on "After Death Communication".

On the night of February 11th, I clicked on to my Facebook, with really just the intention of maybe being on for a minute or two. I still wasn't into wanting to be around people, even people on the computer. I was grieving hard that day and just wanted to be alone so I really have no idea why I even went of FB in the first place.

Boy, I was about to find out why I was supposed to be on that night, quick.

I have a friend, her same is Sharon. We've been friends for many years. However, as things sometimes go our friendship mainly consisted of our kids going to the same school, her being a crossing guard at one of them and playing "catch up" with our lives and our families when we would see each other at the grocery store, school functions, things like that.

We never just hung out, went of to lunch, talked endlessly on the phone, never texted, nothing like that. But, we were friends. {still are of course}
Many times we even lost each others phone numbers, only to bump into each other and replace them again.

My friend Sharon is married, has 2 kids and is the sweetest, most kind hearted, God fearing woman you'll ever meet. She loves her family, her animals, her Grammpa, her neighbors and will "bless the heart" of anyone she meets.
She is pretty much the opposite of myself who can for the most part be....
An off the chain, tell it like it is, keep it real, dizzy, don't mess with my stilettos PITA {pain in the a*$}.
Ya gotta love her.
Ya kinda gotta get used to me to love me too. :)

Anyway, about two weeks prior to his passing, Karl mentioned that he had seen Sharon in Publix and talked for a few minutes before they both said their good-byes, he had to get home to eat dinner and she had to get home to make dinner.

Anyway, I know...get to the point Kim.

OK, so I get a PM {private message} in my FB and I open if and this is what I saw...

"Kim I just have to tell you about a dream I had last night, I dreamed Karl came to me all dressed in white and told me to tell you " that he and his (*********) where doing just fine and that he was watching over you and his children every second of the day. I don't know what the (*********) meant but in my dreams he said you would know what he meant. I am sorry if this sounds so crazy but something in my heart just kept on pushing me to tell you. I love and miss you guys.

I damn near fell off my chair.

Let me just explain.
Karl had a sort of birth mark on his chest that ONLY he, the kids and myself knew about.
In good humor and with love we would joke about it all of the time but ONLY in the privacy of our home.
The birthmark is rare and extremely unique. Nobody and I mean NOBODY, not my family, not my best friends, nobody knew.
Well in that note where I put (****) she described that birthmark EXACTLY.
There is no way, no how she could have ever known about it.
Like I said, we didn't hang out, she has never been to my house and certainly she had never seen him without a shirt on.

I wrote her back right away, the kids and I were literally flipping out.
This is the next note I got after I explained to her about that birthmark...

"oh my gosh I had no freaking ideal Kim could he have really been there and it not been a dream, I am speechless. I have no idea of what to even say at this moment."

And the next note the next day...

"you are more then welcome at my home anytime day or night. Kim just so you know he looked wonderful, he looked happy and at peace, he wore all white and he had a white light around him he wanted you all to know he was at peace and that he was watching over you all. He wanted you to know he will always love and watch over you guys, like I said before I thought it was a dream until you wrote to me and explained the (****) thing, so now I am thinking was he was really here. I was always a skeptic on people who come back to see you after they have died. But now I believe it can happen cause I don't have any other reason for the (******) thing I just didn't understand what he meant. I really felt like he was happy and healthy. I only had this happen to me one time before and it was when Larry's grandma died and I blew it off as a dream but now that makes me even wonder. Like I said I thought it was a dream but just seemed so dang real.
love you guys"

She followed up with a phone call that day as well and in it she told me that she had remembered a couple more things.

She said she was a little confused at first because she thought he was saying "Tell Is Me".
After thinking for a minute I asked, "Sharon could he have been saying Izzy, that's what he called me".
She laughed and said "Yes...yes that's it, that's what he was saying".

She also told me that "he is surrounded in love and has never felt better".
She said he wore his hair pulled back like always, he looked so healthy.
Also that if this was a dream it was the most realistic dream she had ever had, she said it was just like waking up and having a conversation with somebody.

A lot of people I know are skeptics, I was one of them.
But I can honestly say I have no explanation for this.
He HAD to have mentioned something to her so off the wall that only I would understand it.
Because if he didn't then yes, it could have been interpreted as just a dream.

When I talked to Karl's Dad oh about maybe a week and a half later, we were talking about his NY memorial service that was going to happen that weekend or the next.
I told him about this and he laughed and then I think he may have cried and laughed again.
Even he told me he had forgotten all about that "birthmark" until I just mentioned it.
I think it made him feel a lot better, after all...I lost my husband, but he lost his son. His pain is just as bad as mine.

Although Sharon hasn't had any more visits, Kody has had one. Nobody else has yet.
However, that being said I know he was here today, he was with us for sure.

I'll let you on about that this week, but as a small hint, his birthday present from me that I had finished today had a little something to do with it. :)

Vinny's Garden....





Created with a lot of hard work, devotion and love to my one true love, "My Vinny"

Happy Birthday baby, I hope you love it.




Anonymous said...

Oh cool is that. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I think of you and your family often and check in all the time to see how things are going. I'm sure your Vinny is watching over you and the boys to make sure you are hanging in there. One day at a time day at a time. Your flower garden is awesome and I'm sure Vinny is feeling your love and smiling down on you. Keep the faith my friend...keep the faith.

Your friend in Wisconsin, Ann

Stephanie Moore said...

I think Vinny's Garden is beautiful and I think your friend's visit from Karl was...well, I have no words. But
I believe. ((hugs))

Jackie said...

Oh, I absolutely believe there are visits from those we love that have passed over, I have had a few of my own!! When your heart empties a bit of the pain,you open up space for joy and that's when the visits seem to happen. Karl must have known Sharon is a good person so therefore he visited her with his message, knowing you would understand. How exciting! As for Kody's visit, well yeah, I understood that one immediately, Kody has fought a battle many of us won't ever know, he needed his dad to visit. You will get your visit too, Kim. And maybe many... who knows? He's all around you.

The garden you planted is beautiful.. show us pictures as it fills in please! With the weather you have, I can see different seasons set in that garden!
Thank you for sharing it!

Shiela in NY said...

Awe. I love the flower bed you've created in memory of Karl. The heart shape of the edgers is GREAT! So pretty and such a perfect memorial. I trust he'll keep his helping hand over those beautiful plants that he so enjoyed working with! I also love the story involving Sharon! WOW!!!

Hope you're resting well this evening...

Love ya...

Miss Judy said...

Kim, I lost my maternal grandmother when I was just 21 years old! I was devastated! She always said she would be reincarnated when she died, and I had this toad (she wanted to come back as a bunny! :-) ) that kept coming up on my patio every morning and I'd think "maybe that's Gram" and give it a little scratch with a stick. He (she?) seemed to really like that. Then after almost a month it disappeared. I went into a bad depression. About a week after the toad left I was lying on my bed, crying again for Gram when something made me look toward the foot of the bed. There was Gram!! I kid you not!! I stared at her, trying not to blink because somehow I knew that if I blinked, she'd be gone. She stood as she often did, hands folded in front of her, wearing a blue dress just like one she said was her favorite. She looked at me and smiled and that's when I knew she was alright! That's also when I blinked and, sure enough, she was gone. After that I started to heal. In my opinion, you can bet your Vinny was there. Don't be surprised if he shows up again! You and your family are in my prayers.
Love, Judy
P.S. I just read a fascinating book called "Heaven Is For Real" a true story about an adventure an almost 4 year old boy had! I recommend it to anyone suffering the loss of a loved one!


*Goose bumps* And the Garden is very beautiful :)

Sea52Jay said...

I love the garden and your friend's visitation. You are so lucky to have her share with you. I had a visitation in my past and I was wide awake, it was not a dream. Vinny's love transcends time, distance and life as we know it. It may not feel like it right now, but you are truly blessed. Love you, CJ

Anonymous said...

I agree, you need to read Heaven is For Real. It gave me great peace.

Hugs and prayers!

Connie F-G


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