Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Ocean He Loved

A beautiful sunset for a beautiful husband & Daddy.


This was where we released some of Karl's ashes last night, back to the ocean that he loved so much.
I can honestly say with all my heart, it was bittersweet, heart breaking and so incredibly beautiful all at the same time.
I let the boys go first, I wanted to try and snap a quick picture, I wanted to remember that one quick second when they kissed their Dad good-bye and let him fly gracefully into the sea.
It was painful to watch, yet I knew I had to.

I went after they did, final moment, one final anniversary, one last kiss and with our wedding song playing in the background I released him into the water and into the sunset.
It was amazing, his ashes spread into the air and then landed in the water like sparkling diamonds. It was perfect, it was beautiful and it is a memory that I will keep in my heart forever.

My Vinny, he was with us yesterday, he was with me all day but he gave us a sure sign he was right there on the beach with us all day.

The boys had gone off and taken a walk out to the pier and I was was hanging around just chillin' on my beach chair, soaking in the sun and thoroughly loving the cool breeze. I had the radio on next to me and was thinking about him when I said out loud "Vinny, if you are here with me right now please baby let me know,leave me a song on teh radio if you could".
Don't you just know it, "Life is Beautiful" by Six AM came right on.
Now, you would have to know that he LOVED this song, I mean really really loved it. He would blast it every time it came on and months before he passed, he would tell all of us every single time that when he died he wanted that song played at his funeral.
Just so you know, it was played many times at his funeral. :)

When the boys came back I told them about it and Kolin and I left for a few minutes, Kody stayed behind. When we came back he was so happy because he asked his Dad the same thing and Metallica's "Master of Puppets" came on.
LOL..that was Kody and Karl's rock out song, they LOVED that song and would literally make the walls in our house shake when it was on.

As we were walking to our spot where we were going to release his ashes, Kolin found a four leafed clover.
Florida doesn't have four leafed clovers that we know of, we have been looking for 12 years and never found one. He did and it is safely pressed in between the pages of a book called "Never Say Good-Bye".

This morning I received yet another gift from him, I opened up my Facebook and I have tiny red hearts falling all over it. LOL, I just couldn't believe it, I never put hearts on there and nobody knows my password, I've checked with all my friends and nobody has hearts floating down on their FB.
Another sign from my true love? Yes, I do believe with all my heart.
I love that man so, so, so very much. :)

Have a beautiful day everyone.



Anonymous said...

I have chills!

Kody Follower

Shiela in NY said...

Sounds like a PERFECT afternoon and evening! So glad the weather held out and AMAZING stories of Karl-io being nearby for EACH of you! How awesome! LOVE that picture!!

Cheyenne said...

That man is so full of surprises, isn't he? I'll bet he has lots more up his sleeve.
What a beautiful thing you did on your anniversary. That photo is gorgeous.


Wow. So very glad that these
"things" are happening to you all. I believe your beloved is helping you get through what must be some very difficult days.
Donna, NY

Anonymous said...

I have never posted before but that is amazing! I do believe people come to us in different ways =) you should write a book

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you as you celebrate Easter and so thankful that the resurrection brings HOPE to all!! Blessings to your wonderful family

Anonymous said...

You did notice the "halo" around the sun didn't you???

Yes, definate goosebumps...the good kind.

Lots of hugs,



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