Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Month In Heaven

I knew today would be rough, I really did but I NEVER figured it would be this bad.




Shiela in NY said...

:( So sorry, Kim.

And sorry you had to have some idiot leave you a pean post. In ALL the years I've been following I know you've eeked out words similar to that particular one, but I have to tell bad as I hurt for you having to go through that I was also grinning at your response. That fire is still in you!!

Imagine you'll crash tonight...

Linnae said...

Dear Kim,

I'm sorry you have to journey through this pain. I can't even begin to imagine how much it must hurt. Hold on to your boys and your memories and let the sobs come as they need to.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all today...stay strong sweet lady stay strong

Hugs from Missouri,

Beth L said...

Kim- my heart just breaks for you guys. Your loss was huge. I am at a loss for words. Please know that we are all here, praying for you guys and for time to heal your pain. Love, Beth

tricia said...

praying for you

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are having a rough day. Doesn't seem like amonth already, but I'm sure it feels like a lifetime to you and your family. Thinking of you today!

Kody Follower
Olympia, WA

leese said...

There are no words, Kim. I'm glad for you that the day is behind you now.
Sending love, prayers and strength to get through another day.

Lori from MN said...

After reading Shiela's post on 1/22, I had to look back at the posts to see what she was talking about. First of all, there is ALWAYS going to be some negative jerk with a negative comment to try and bring you down now matter what the situation. It's probably because they lead a negative, unhappy life. I LOVE your response. Couldn't have said it better. And anyone that has read your blog for some time knows Karl loved stilettos. Stay proud!

Anonymous said...

Kim I am sorry I have not been in touch. I had to go to Indiana my Aunt passed away. She was 94 so she was well ready and no longer in pain. Still have the box sitting in my office. Just did not want you to think I had forgot about you. Lori

Michelle said...

Kim and family,
I am so sorry for you loss!! I am in complete shock. You and your family are in my prayers!!


Sherry said...

Kim,just wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you and Hope you are taking small steps's harder more so now,but I have
Faith that you will do what is needed.Hold each other close for Love is what you need!Hugs to all Sherry

Alisa White said...

Always thinking of you and your children. The prayers continue in Minnesota for you all.....

Jenner said...

Constantly thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.
Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some magic words to make it all better. I don't. We were friend, fighting for our kids thru Caringbridge. As cancer wasn't part of "the plan", neither was loosing your Vinny. BUT we are all here for you. I found another "poem" and when I read it, I thought you could use it right now.

I Am There
by Hanoochi

I am the breeze that kisses your cheek. I am the sun that warms your face. When you look at the purple evening sky, it is me. When you see a majestic mountain, it is me.

When the birds sweetly sing, it is my voice. When the water gently laps against the shore, it is my heartbeat.

I am the green grass against your feet. I am the refreshing shade of summer.

In the stars, you see my eyes. In the blue sky, you see my body.

Feel the air that surrounds you, I am there.

Feel the love in your heart, I am there.

Hanoochi: A Stars Poetry Collection

Lots of hugs and much love,
Debbie, mom of SHannon

Anonymous said...

Okay so I dont really know you and I just started following your blog and I must be very co-dependent because I am worried you haven't updated lately hope you are okay xo
Barb in Canada

Donna said...

Kim, I followed you and Kody over here from Caringbridge oh so long ago, but I had gotten out of my habit of checking in on you. I was speechless and in tears as I figured out what had happened and backed up through the posts to December. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Yours is one of the most "real" families I have ever seen. After all you have dealt with, this just is so very unfair. Your family has long been in my thoughts and prayers and will remain there.

Amy said...

I praying for you guys. I hate what happened, it just isn't fair.
Love you


Dear Kim,

I just found out today about Karl. I am shocked beyond belief and am so sorry for what you and your family have been going through. I know he was your rock and I quite honestly can't imagine you without him.

My husband is the same age as Karl and we've been married for 33 years so I well understand although I can't fully comprehend the pain you must be feeling.

I know your family will surround you with love and that your optimistic soul will help you get through each day.

When I changed computer's last year I lost all of my links and have been slowly finding them again. I don't know if you remember me because I was a sporadic poster at best but have been following Kody's story since about 2004 then through to this blog.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am so sorry for the new road in front of you. Life is so fleeting isn't it? We really must appreciate what we have and let our loved ones know each and every day.


Liz Wilson said...

Hi Kim, My heart breaks for you and your family. Keeping you all in my prayers. I don't know if you will be up to bringing the boys to Community United Methodist Church Winterfest on Feb. 5th (a week from tomorrow). As always everything is free. I know the boys and you enjoyed it every year, that is why I am mentioning it. God Bless you. Liz

Amy K said...

Stopping in to tell you I've been thinking of you and continue praying for you.

Cyberhugs from WI

Anonymous said...

Worried about you. Grief is a terrible thing but may you find the strength to move forward with the love of your family and friends.

Lynn said...

Just thinking of you guys - with lots of love!

Andrea (in Austin) said...

Oh Kim, I'm just sitting here crying. I have not been on your blog in a number of months, even though I've followed your family for many years, I just got busy taking care of my mom. And then, I get on here and see what has happened, I'm so very very very sorry. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all the bad go away. You always showed everyone what a wonderful marriage you guys had, and you know you are blessed to have so many wonderful memories. I'm just so sorry your love story was cut short. G-d bless you and protect you and watch over you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Kim -

I've been off the computer for a while and was checking in with you guys....I havent stopped crying since. I can't imagine how you are all feeling with such a sudden loss. We feel like we are a part of your family, having followed Kody's journey for so long. Karl was an incredible man, the true believer in family. From all your stories, his favorite times were spent with all of you! I know you are keeping his memory alive everyday with stories and memories of him. Please know that our prayers are with all of you.

I know you have heard people say that in time it will get better, but honestly I think that's a lie. I lost my brother suddenly almost 3 years ago and yes life goes on, I laugh, I have good times - but there is always that hole in my heart. I dont know if things will ever get better but I do know you are strong. I know that for your family, you will find the strength to go on. I know for sure Karl is watching over you, and will give you a little push if you need it. Please know we are thinking of all of you, sending hugs and a million prayers your way!!

Love -
The Muller's
Patty & Steve

Anonymous said... sad is this....I had to go find the post all this controversy has started because I have looked at that pic a 1,000 times and not ONCE did I even notice what you were wearing! Who cares!!! If that person was more concerned about what you were wearing, then they can go to HELL! Sorry, but that is such BS! Let's hope the day they die nobody shows up with a spot on their shirt or something! Really people!!!!

Kody Follower
Olympia, WA

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you...
Liz, NY

Maloy said...

I'm sorry. I forgot my manners and went too far. You won't ever hear from me again. My apologies to you and your family and good luck.

Jenner said...

Checking in...keeping you in my prayers.
Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

Kim, Kody and Kolin,
Stopping by to let you know that I'm thinking about you!!
I send you tons of love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hugs and Prayers,

Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

Quite worried....hope you are all doing ok. Sure do think of you all often.

Big hugs from Missouri,

Melissa said...

So sorry for your loss, and even sorrier that you have to put up with negativity from someone about something that was none of their business. I remember reading a 'Dear Abby' letter a couple years ago about a young widow who wore a brightly colored mini dress to her husband's funeral. Everyone was a little shocked and taken aback until she tearfully explained that it had been her husband's favorite dress on her, and that's why she wore it. So screw anyone who doesn't understand, and carry on.

Chris Russo said...

Kim, its Goochs mom, I emailed you at your nikon email. Get back to me....

Cathy Bowman said...

Kim- I hope you blog soon. It makes me nervous when you go without blogging for so long!!!! I love you guys and you are and always will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you. Sending hugs.



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