Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seems Like Forever....

Three months today, yet when you think of it as a quarter of a year it seems like forever.
A quarter of a year I last kissed my one true love, last felt his protective arms around me, last laughed with him about something funny he did the night before and the joke I made about it that morning, last time I watched him struggle brushing out his long hair and last time he said to me "I swear Kimberley I am getting a !#@*! haircut!!" {he said that almost everyday lol}, last time I heard him say "I love you".

Almost two years ago we were going to renew our wedding vows. We had it all planned out perfectly even down to our outfits and had new wedding bands on lay-a-way {every pay day he'd go put a little more $ down on them}, but as always it seems that money we put aside needed to be put elsewhere when we decided we were going to move.

We were going to have our ceremony at Venetian Gardens and have our kids walk the path in front of us to the gazebo {where we would exchange our vows}, Karl and I side by side holding hands walking behind them with family and friends watching.

It was going to be beautiful and together we choose to have this song playing as we walked.

How could I possibly know back then how true the last two lines of that song would be.

"So I'm goin' away....but not forever. I gotta love you anyway...forever"



leese said...

I know for you all there is no tolerable way to get through these days. What I've taken from your family's experience is once again, putting into perspective how fragile life itself is. And to take nothing for granted as the world can change on a dime.
Sending lots of love....from Joisey <3

ErIn said...

I came across this and thought you'd enjoy it. As a widow myself, this is so very comforting. Enjoy (and don't forget the tissues).


and another (more in depth) video about it:


Kendall said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Vinny. He must be so proud of you for leading your family through this dark time.

I love seeing your sense of humor shine through.


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