Friday, March 18, 2011

Kyle's Eulogy

Kyle's eulogy was read at both his Florida service and his NY one as well.

"Karl John Kruppenbacher, III
Born April 11th 1956

Karl was a father of six and a husband of thirty years to a wonderful woman named Kim.

For those of you who knew Karl, he was as tough as nails and sometimes not the easiest to get along with, but if you knew him the way his family did, you also knew his heart was truly made of gold and his ways were like no other.
The love that Karl had for his family was unexplainable and unconditional. There was nothing he wouldn't do, or couldn't do to make his family happy.
Karl worked his hands to the bone to make sure his family would never go without.
He was a jack of all trades and a master mechanic.

He was a motorcycle riding madman who loved to raise hell back in the day. But, he loved to make people happy even more.
Karl was the kind of man who would give the shirt off his back to a stranger just to see them happy.
There is nothing he wouldn't do to see his children smile.

The things that Karl taught and showed to the people closest to him will continue to shine for all of eternity and will never be forgotten.
He would always remind his family to never go to bed angry at each other because you never knew if it would be the last time you will see them.
He would always kiss his wife good night no matter what the day might have brought.

Dad you will always be loved, never forgotten and missed forever.
We all love you and thank you for the impression you made on the world and in all of our lives.
Your voice and your actions will always remind us to seize the day so we don't die regretting the time we lost and may you remain in all of our hearts forever, and ever.

Rest in Peace Karl

Written with love and respect by Kyle James, Karl's oldest son in memory of the best Dad and greatest man in the world."


Try as we did, we never could get Kyle released on an emergency furlow to be at Karl's funeral. At the last second they wanted us to pay and given the circumstances it was way more then we could safely afford.
Three weeks after the funeral Kaysha received a letter of apology from the warden stating that miss communication within the prison system was the problem and that in fact Kyle should have been released to the Sheriffs department for one day to attend the funeral being that it was for his biological father.

Sadly, it was too little, too late. We can't go back and have a second chance. I will always feel horrible that #1, Kyle was never able to really "know" a sober Dad {though they always made a point to talk on the phone ever Sunday, that was "their" day} and #2 he couldn't be here to say "good-bye".
I hope with all my heart Kyle, when he gets out in two more years, changes his ways permanently and for the better, this was a real eye opener, I'm sure and even though I am his Mom, I will always be the first to say, he owes that much to his Dad and his brothers who even still till this day, look up to him.

Life around here continues. Some days are OK, mainly because they are so busy.
Some days just plain out bite.
I had one of those weeks where nothing seemed to just go right.
Pep Boys charged me $700 for some oil leak that they swore would be unsafe and yes, I fell for it.
All I went in for was an oil change.
Two weeks later {this past Tuesday is when they finally got to fixing it} and after paying in advance {which I thought was weird but they say that's their policy}, guess who's jeep is still leaking oil?
Yeah, mine.

We bought a lawnmower and messed up assembling it. I brought it back to Sears thinking it was broke and they patiently and happily showed me where I went wrong.
Love Sears, they are really sweet.
Which leads me to this, why didn't I take the jeep there? Honestly I have no idea I guess I still am not thinking like I should.
Maybe I stupidly thought men don't take advantage of women who are husband-less and know not one thing about anything mechanical.
Damn was I ever wrong.

So, this week Pep Boys get the two thumbs down and Sears gets the two up.

Here's Kolin with that mower. He didn't have to be asked, told or hinted.
He went outside yesterday after school and started that thing up and did exactly how his Dad taught him.
Until a headache which Bear had all day finally took him down, he was out there helping rake and bag too.
I did the front the day before while they were at school, which I kind of think bugged Kolin a little {OK maybe a lot}. He thinks it's a "man's job". lol...I was really only in it for the exercise anyway.



In case any of you may be curious, those plants I transplanted last week, well great news!
They are still alive.
Props to Miracle Grow Potting Soil. LOL!



My "so called but not really" green thumb inspired me today to pick up an aloe plant and a coral cactus.
The nice lady at Wal-Mart told me they were extremely low maintenance.
I so love that idea. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. I still don't have Kaysha's letter on hand so within the next day or two or three I'd like to share some of those ADC stories with you. There are a few but like I said, the best one will be saved for last. :0)



Elliottsmama said...

Glad some days are ok. And very glad the kids are helping. It is very hard, I know. A year ago today Elliott was admitted, never to come home. I am finding so many things have changed for me while some stay the same. I wish you all well with the adjustments you are making and if you need to chat or have questions that I MAY be able to help with, please contact me. We have been cyber friends since both our boys were diagnosed,many years ago

tricia said...

Karl was deeply loved by his children.

Anonymous said...

Super letter! Just an dad died 20 years ago this August, when I was 19 years old. My brother drank like there was no tomorrow and he spent many of days/ months in jail as well. It took about 8 years of pure hell for him, but he finally realized it was time. My brother has now been sober for 12 years. Everybody in our family kept saying that the death would make him realize it was time to change. It did, but just took time. Don't expect a miracle. The good thing for you, is that he is locked up so he will have those years already to his side. All families go through this, trust me, you are not the only ones.

Kody Follower

Shiela in NY said...

Oh, how this letter especially affected me. As I was reading I was thinking of how hard it must have been for Kyle, the oldest son in your family. And, inside it was tearing me up, knowing he wasn't able to be at his Dad's funeral. Kim, you are unbelievable, pouring out every bit of information in this post. I truly admire you. Not everyone knew about Kyle being in prison (or am I wrong and you did post it at one point in the past?). My heart ached, knowing how much he wanted to be there at such a dire time. I don't want to dwell on the fact that the prison screwed up, but how AWFUL that is!!! :(

I loved the fact that Kolin mowed - what great guys he and Kody are!! :) And I LOVE that your plants are doing fine ... I TOLD you that Karl would be watching over them!!!! :)

Now to share something ... you mentioned the after life stories. As I was typing my very first words to this comment I suddenly felt a water drop hit my upper lip. A big one. As much I wanted to cry reading Kyle's letter I did not. And I KNOW there were no tears in my eyes and my nose wasn't running! WHERE this drop of water came from, I have no idea. Maybe a sign from Karl?? The tear I didn't shed? The water you're putting in those lush green plants? I like to think so!! :o)

Sorry about the Pep Boys deal. URGH!!! I wish I could tell them a thing or two. I remember when I was in my early 20s I had a mechanic that I drove 20 minutes to. He showed me every single part that he removed (like I knew what I was looking at!) and never took advantage of a single young female. I wonder if FL has a system like NY, where you can report auto mechanics who have done you wrong? I had to do that once -- filled out a form and got reimbursed. Sorta like going to court without the lawyer and fees!

Hope you have a nice weekend. Sending tons of love and (((HUGS))).


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