Thursday, March 24, 2011

DId You Know....

That two year old sunscreen expires and quits working? We found that out the hard way yesterday. Ummmmm, OUCH!!

Other then that though yesterdays day at the beach was a lot of fun, bittersweet, memory filled but we made it fun our "new" way.




All taken yesterday at Crystal River Gulf Island Beach.

Have a beautiful one. :)



Anonymous said...

Oh Kolin! Your shoulders make me hurt. I can't imagine what you looked like later in the day! Yes, we have learned the hard way on expired lotion as well :0)

Kody Follower

Dblondfemme said...

When I look at your photos...even through the sadness I see a living that is taking place. I feel like you all are living...not only for each other... but living for your Vinnie. Those pictures are priceless and I hope those boys know how much they mean to you... and I hope you know how much you mean to them. Through your year of firsts, celebrate the belly laughs, the tears of joy, and the fond memories... and he shall enver be far away

Shiela in NY said...

You change Kody's eye color and those boys look just like you, Kim! The beach sounds VERY nice right about now. We're in the 20's and 30's..."average" is 40's this time of year. Yeah, right.

Hope you're having a nice weekend!


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