Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Karrie's Letter & Bear's ROTC

This letter was written by my Florida, BFF...Karrie.

"In Loving Memory to a Man I once knew.....whose LOVE & DEVOTION to His Family shined through and through. He didn't have a lot of money...He didn't own a shiny new car...He didn't live in a mansion..but HE had 7 bright STARS. These stars represented..all that He CHERISHED..and all that He LOVED..GOD had Blessed Him with ANGELS from up above. The 1rst Angel is named Kim..she was HIS Heart and Soul..She was the one to complete Him..the one who made Him whole. The 2nd Angel is Karyelle..she was his first born baby girl...He loved her more than this whole entire world. The 3rd Angel is Kayara...His little hell raiser from the start....she knew to melt Her Daddy's big ole heart. His 4th Angel is Kyle...the Son who kept Him on His much He loved His Baby Boy..I think everyone knows. His 5th Angel is Kaysha...the one who is most like Him in every way...She's STRONG,CONFIDENT and what He would say. The 6th Angel is Kody....He made his Daddy the proudest every single day.....He was the one who beat CANCER... His KODY BEAR in every special way. The 7th Angel is Kolin...the last but NOT least...He was His Baby Rambo the Beast.
This is Karl..the GREAT MAN that I knew...My only that you could have known HIM too.........

Kody's ROTC uniform has finally come in, just in time as he is having the official ROTC pictures done today.

This is what he looked like at about 6:40 this morning right before he was heading out for school...


How badly I wished his Daddy could have been there to see that, then again, maybe he did, you never know. :0)
So Kody tells me now that his dream is to join the Air Force and although granted because of his medical problems, that could be a problem BUT if know Kody, and I do, he has always dreamed big and followed through on every dream he's ever had.
One day we may just look up and see our Bear piloting a never, ever know.

Our days are going OK. We are surviving although some days that seems like just barely. Getting through the first year of "firsts" sucks, but we do it because we have to.
Everyday we still find something to smile about, everyday we talk about Karl, we laugh at the silly things he used to do or say and we nearly bust a gut some days when we think about all the crazy things he had done.
The empty spot in our family will always be there, but as long as we can try to fill that spot up with really good memories, it can at least for the moment become kind of bearable.
I know one thing is for sure, every time I look into the eyes of our children, I can feel his presence.
It's because they are half of him that his spirit and his beauty will always live on.

Coming up, Kyle's eulogy to his Dad and an amazing story {saving the best for last} that might even make the non-believers out of believers concerning ADC {after death communication}.

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. "A" from the Northeast, the boys thank you for the message you left them and they swear that will make everyone proud, especially their Dad. They are our future and they are determined to stay on the right path always. :0)



tricia said...

Kody is a man! A handsome one at that. I'm sure you are so proud of him and I'm sure Karl saw him this morning.

Kelly said...

Kim, I don't know if I am stepping over the line here but I think you should know that Kevin left that message to your boys.

Shiela in NY said...

Beautiful letter!!! :)

WHAT DID I MISS ABOUT KODY & THE ROTC??? (He looks so handsome!) Our son also wants to be in the Air Force but he's Diabetic and has been told that is out of the question. Makes sense - who wants a pilot that could suddenly have a low blood sugar but what about the co-pilot taking the controls? :( Makes my heart sad -- but he only heard this from someone that's in the service -- not an actual recruiter so "who knows".

I can't help but think about Karl's birthday coming up next month, Kim. The firsts are definitely difficult...I know it's gonna be an extra tough day but I also know how you all can persevere. Can't wait to see the letters and hear the story you want to share. (I'd love someday to see the picture you told me about that was drawn for you. <3

Sending LOTS of Love & Hugs,

Margie said...

Oh Kody how handsome you look. I know your parents are so proud.

Jackie said...

Aw Kody, THAT picture made me cry! I came along as one of your supporters when you were just a young whip... look at you now! You look great in your A.F. Blues!
Lordy how I remember having to make the crease in those pants and shirt sleeves for my husband's uniforms.. I think I became the queen of spray starch in the early 80s! lol. :)

Cheyenne said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up he is and although I don't know him and he doesn't know me, I do feel very close to him having read all his trials and tribulations over at CaringBridge.

I just sit here looking at that photo and just shake my head. His Daddy must be so damn proud...

Anonymous said... look fabulous! I think with your determination you would be an awesome AF person.

I know your mom is very proud of you on earth and your dad is from up above.

Prayers and hugs,
Connie F-G

Kim said...

I had a feeling and it's really OK. I thought it was very cool.
The boys will always be a part of his brother, who lives on thru them.
Thank you {{hug}}

Kim said...

If anyone actually owes someone an apology at this point, it would be me to him.

Kevin, I really am sorry for the past and for the obit thing. Try to understand I was still in shock {the obit was written two days after Karl died} and becuz of the words we {you and I} had exchanged in the past....
I wasn't thinking clearly. I should have stopped to think about how hurtful that would be but I didn't and I really am sorry. If I could go back and correct it I would in a heartbeat, I hope you know that.

Anonymous said...

Um, wow, Kody, you are tall!



Anonymous said...

They say the first year is like 1o and after that the memories will make each day that follows easier to bear.


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