Monday, September 6, 2010


When Kolin first joined football I was told by another parent, "It's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle". Man....they weren't kidding!

Now that school is in session, we have homework and football and dinner and more homework and lemme tell ya, the list...she just goes on and on.
Weekends are spend traveling mostly to Orlando for games and trying to keep up with what I didn't do during the week.

Now Kody wants to join his school weight lifting team and go back to karate and/or PWCST {combat training}.

But you know, other then being a very horrible blog neglecter {which will change once I adapt to the new routine} it's all good. :0)

Kolin is kickin' some bootie on the FB field, after a little "chat" with the commissioner {Leo, this ones for you dude} and after maybe saying something like "Look I'm not trying to be a bitchy first time parent here but I'm effin' pissed" and maybe having another parent back me up standing a few feet away and saying "I agree with everything she says" after a few positive changes that maybe resulted from that 30 minute "chat" in the rain....

His coaches have realized that this kid of ours is a powerhouse and since then he has been in every singe offensive play and the special teams kick off team and they have won every game since.
His coaches LOVE that kid now!!

Two weeks ago 24-6
Last Saturday 25-0

Kolin is a wall, he lets nobody thru.
And as things go, I tried to quote the Momma in "The Blind Side" {an AWESOME movie!} and tol dhim...

"I am your quarterback and all these people are out to get me, you gonna let them? Yea..I didn't think so"

His Dad pretty much told him "You are the Mack truck and the other team are Volkswagens, what happens when a Mack truck meets a Volkswagen? Yea...that's what I thought".

Here's some recents...

Nothing like the help and support of a big brother...


Don't quote me cuz I am still not sure of the correct term but I think he is a left guard offensive lineman...or something like that...


The wall....


He may be the skinny kid with the 6 foot legs, but he is strong, that's for sure.

Anyway...the rest of us are doing good.

Kody is settling into his new high school real well. He really loves school. He really loves girls. He really loves girls in school. That's all I have to say about that, except that he is now 6'1" and outgrowing everything he owns, and he's only just turned 15. God help me.

Knitted hats are coming soon...lots and lots of new knitted and adorable hats.
Also, I created a "Bella from Twilight" hat, the green & gray striped one she wears in the woods. I'll have a picture of that up soon, I made it for the Twilight lover in our family for a Christmas gift.
If you want one for yours...just let me know. I should have a photo up in the next couple of days.

I joined a knit-a-long last week and am working on a purple sweater pullover for me. So far it's going great and keeping me in my "zen".

Not much else going on here, just busy...busy...busy all of the time.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day, relax, have fun but more then anything, stay safe.




Shiela in NY said...

Hey, K's! I can't remember the last time it was 10 or 11 days for a new update, but I'm sure glad you're okay!!

Glad the football stuff is going okay. You're right -- Kolin IS a skinny thing! Those arms, fingers, and legs look super long!! Isn't it great when your child helps with a good play? Our son had a nice one during his game on Saturday and I couldn't help but stand up and say, "That's my son!!!". :)

Busy weekend and school starts for us on Wednesday.

Have a great week.

Dot O said...

Kim, I hear you about your weekends not being yours... our lives revolve around our kids' activities - something that OUR parents never did!

I'm glad it's all good stuff, though - so nice to hear.

But I have to say that no way can Kody be 6'1" - no way!!!!! What are you feeding kids on FL. Danny's only 5'10 and he's 16 and his dad is 6'2" (well, I'm only 5'2") and he's still waiting to pass the 6' mark!

Maloy said...

Let's just make a few things clear. Did your conversation with the commissioner at ANY stage include the words like "Italian" "brothers", "legs" and "break"? And also, which part of the coach's anatomy were you gently squeezing while you "weren't trying to be a bitchy first time parent"? :-P

Good job though. I'm glad to be wrong in this case. KICK ASS Kolin! (enough kiddie words. :-D)

PS Karl, there are TRAINS out there. And what happens when a Mack truck meets a train? :-))

Kim said...

1. I "might" have mentioned the guinea gang plank once or twice and
2. Macks are too smart to roll in front of a train. lol

Amy K said...

Yeah, a K update! So glad to hear everyone's doing well. I figured you had been super busy.
What an awesome analogy for Kolin from Dad!!!!
My daughter LOVES Bella - can't wait to see the pic of the hat...may have to be ordering one for my girl for Christmas!
Keep rockin' on....


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