Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a Becuz It's a Thursday

And because Thursdays are extremely busy round here, after the errands and the day time running and the school pick ups and 35 loads of boy laundry and 5 loads of sheets laundry and time spent tracking down last weekends newspaper cuz my kid was in it and I had no idea till he told me last night and of course the two hours of football practice that I sooooo look forward to *insert eye roll right about here*, I figured I'd jump on here ever so quickly and say...


And also leave you with a snap of my kid who was in last weekends newspaper {but didn't tell me till last night}, who btw, has been, according to his coaches and team members...

"the most bad ass offensive front lineman they have had in years"


Go kid who was in last weekends newspaper but didn't tell me till last night!! lol!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

PS. Shiela, I lost your email and I need it so bad. Email me plz at: Thank you!!!!!



Shiela in NY said...

Gosh, you've had some pretty good posts about those two youngsters of yours!!!! Great pic and wonderful compliment from your coach, Kolin!!

LOL about you not finding out about the newspaper. My daughter was at the breakfast table this morning and, ever-so-casually, said that she "thinks" her school pictures are today and that she can't find the form. GRRRR!!! :)

I just emailed ya...

Maloy said...

STOP photoshopping his eyes! We already know they are green, green, GREEEEEEEN. :-)))

(I love you, too) :-P

Kim said...

Leo...dude I did nothing to his eyes, they are just a crazy green especially when the light hits them :0)

Amy K said...

WooHoo! Keep it up Kolin!!!


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