Saturday, September 18, 2010

FYI Kolin's Game

I can't believe I didn't get back on yesterday. Last night when I was about to, Leesburg had an enormous black out.

Anyway, Kolin's game is at 3 o'clock today. I don't know the name of the field but the address is:

17235 7th Street, Clermont.
Kody and I will be there under the big rainbow umbrella and Kolin's jersey is #78.

Here he is at halftime a couple of weeks ago {I haven't taken any new pictures since, my bad}...


We were out in Orlando that day a few miles from Orlando International Airport, and so although this has nothing to do with anything, I must have amused myself by taking 30 assorted pictures of different airplanes that were flying over us every couple of minutes. :0)


I got my new GPS all fired up and in a few hours we will be ready to roll.
I will soooo blog if I get lost, that ought to be a hoot.

Have a great day everyone!!



Maloy said...

WOW! The airplane picture is great. Promise to upload the other 29!!! It really IS great - perfectly positioned, very nice approach position captured, flaps open, gear down, perfect lighting. You should upload it to this website: You'd make a wonderful plane spotter. :-)

Here's the very same airplane taking off from the very same airport: Another football mom maybe. :-))

Maloy said...

Almost forgot. Kim, take the original picture (I suppose it's much higher resolution), look right below the line of windows beneath the girl carrying the British flag and tell the ladies and gentlemen the NAME of that airplane. (Maybe you can even upload the crop of the nose section).

How symbolic that YOU caught THAT airliner on your sensor! :-)

PS The other VA's Boeing-747s are called: Jersey Girl, Barbarella, Ladybird, Ruby Tuesday, Virginia Plain (love that one) and the last but not the least - HOT LIPS. Double dare you to spot that one? :-))

Kim said...

LOL, Leo you crack me up, Hot Lips huh? I am always up for a dare. :0)
I'll check out that site and maybe get it uploaded there, that would be sweet.

Maloy said...

Just to avoid confusion, THIS particular airplane is called "Pretty Woman". THAT's what I meant. It was a compliment not a lewd joke. :-))

And I DO dare you to photograph the "Hot lips". :-))


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