Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Weekends Game

I figured I'd better get last weekends game in before this weekends is here in two days.
I am awfully slow about this, but life is busy these days. :0(

Anyway, here's my waterboy passing out some "high quality h2o" lol...


Kolin is on "special teams" and "offensive left tackle" {I think, don't quote me on that cuz I am football stupid, but I am learning a little more each week, for example the "G" line does not stand for "ground". I found that out just the other day, thank you Vinny, Kolin & Kody}

He's really great at what he does, which is blocking that kid or kids in front of him from getting to his quarterback {I guess???}....


They do a lot of this, I don't know why. That's Kolin right there to the left of the big guy with the orange shirt...


And this, which I was told is the "huddle" and that means they are doing, um..., they are talking, wait they are discussing plays or something. Anyway, I know for a fact they are not talking about shoes, which is what I ultimately ending up talking about all of the time...


Sorry, not many pics this past week because this particular stadium is still being built which means the bleachers were closed off and we had to sit kind of a slant on our beach chairs on top of a grassy hill. It was awkward and I didn't move around much. I am extremely clumsy, enough said.

This weekend is a home game, YAY for my gas tank, not so much for my GPS which us there and back with no problems at all. WOO-HOO for GPS!!

Speaking of shoes {yes I was at one point}, I have got to get a picture of my NEW SHOES!!
Heck Yea the Vinny Man came through once again and surprised me with another rockin' pair of platform stilettos in black this time.
More on that very soon right now I have got to get Wild Man to school.

Have a beautiful, fun and rockin' day today everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Great pics, even if they were from an "odd angle" (I didn't notice!). Good luck this weekend, Kolin!

R U going to let us in on the big news, Kim? Can't wait to see this year's shoes!!! :)

And...I was looking at my birthday list the other day and spotted a certain Mamma Bear's is coming right up! Were those shoes for that special occasion? If not, I wonder what you're getting!! :D

Have a good one...

Anonymous said...

Kolin looks like he's having a great time playing football. Can't wait to see pics of the new shoes! Did I miss the great news about Kody referred to in the 9/17 entry?


Maloy said...

Am I the only person who wonders why white boys on the team wear black long socks and black boys don't?


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