Monday, September 27, 2010

The News About The Bear

The heck with getting things done, this is long overdue. :0)

As we all know, High School can really make or break a kid.
Trust me, personal experience, I know this to be true. Some kids are leaders and some kids are followers. I've got 6 kids, some are either one or the other.

This kid here, my #5....


He is a leader.

Last week another kid came up to him inbetween classes and tried his best to talk him into skipping class, not just skipping out but with the promise of turning him on to some drugs.
What did our Bear say?

***try not to take this the wrong way, we keep it real here***

Bear's exact words were...

"Man, f**k you" and then he walked away, head held high.

Later on that same day Kody found out that same kid was caught and lead out of school in handcuffs.

True this may be just a small step in growing up, but in my Momma opinion, in this day and age, this was a HUGE step in growing up and showing the max in maturity.

God, I love that kid. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...


cheri said...

Way to go Kody! You tell them all to F off any time they try and offer you that crap!

BTW...he is really looking like dad in that picture of him sitting at the weight bench!


Sherry Vasquez said...

Gotta love that bear!Way to Go!Have a good one.

Anonymous said...


I am so proud that you are so proud of Kody! That takes some guts! He is his own dude, that's for sure! My son refused to let someone who was drunk a couple of weeks ago drive, so he hopped in and drove the dude. Got pulled over, alcohol in the vehicle, he blew zeros, but he still got an MIP. He is nearly 21. He says he doesn't care, he would do it again. Now he gets to pay $200 for the diversion program and he doesn't drink! I was very proud of him for taking care of his friends.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! That really does take lots of guts and confidence!!! He must also have been so proud of himself when he saw the kid in handcuffs----that could have been him, if he went along with it. What a lesson!!!!!!!

Liz, NY

Dot O said...

Soooo very cool when we realize that they do really listen - even when we think they are just sick of hearing us say the same thing over and over again. It does get through as evidenced by what Kody did.

WTG Kody!!!!

Jenner said...

Way to go Kody! So proud of you!
Jen from WI

Margie said...

What a Kool kid Kody bear is.

Shiela in NY said...

JUST in case you don't leave a post on your Blog today....I wanted to stop by and wish my Half Sister Cyber Friend a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

Amy K said...

AWESOME!!! Kody you're still rocking!!! Kim, you & Karl SHOULD be proud....proud of the awesome kids you've raised..and how they act on the values you've instilled in them...these kids are our future...we know all to well how overwhelming peer pressure can be, and he stood up to it like a man!

Maloy said...

Kody, you simply don't know what you're missing! :-))))

(Oh, cmon, Kim, there should be BAD influence in his life!)

PS I just found your sons on Facebook. MWAHAHAHAHA! *evil laughter*

Maloy said...

And talking about practical stuff. How many wooden spoons and hickory switches you go through, say, per month to make so damn good? :-P

Kim said...

Blogger Maloy said...

And talking about practical stuff. How many wooden spoons and hickory switches you go through, say, per month to make so damn good? :-P

Just one spoon but only when Vinny takes it out for me. lol, feel the sting, DAYUM!

Maloy said...

Ooooh baby! You're HOT!

Btw, I first read it as "when Vinny takes it out ON me". THAT would be even hotter. :-))

Kim said...



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