Thursday, August 26, 2010

School...Week One

Bear's first day of High School {if you look you can see it was too early and too dark to take outside pics)...


Kolin's first day of 7th grade....


So far, so good...a new school year off to a good start.
Kody loves school, he has for a while now and he is really liking high school. Although, it is confusing trying to find his way around, he is coping and I think everyday it gets a little more easier for him to maneuver his way around.
His teachers so far are awesome and they allow him extra time to get to class because of all the stairs he has to take and because of his limited vision, he still has to take it slower on unfamiliar stairways.
Before I know it though, he'll be flying up and down them like the others. :0)
He's mainstreamed this year as well and even though this first week is pretty much just about learning a new school and new rules, I am sure next week his brain will be on the information overload highway.
He's determined though and will do his best which is really all that matters to me. The fact that he is still here with us to attend high school is nothing short of a miracle.

Kolin is OK with school, just another year to him. His teachers are VERY strict this year, which I guess is a good thing.
He is in PE as an elective, which rocks! Last year they put him in band, then chorus, which he both hated. He is 100% a sports kind of kid, but don't call him a jock cuz he's libel to hurt ya. lol.

Speaking of Kolin, his b-day was great. As I type this he woke up an hour and a half early so that he could get plenty of PS3 time in with his new Mafia II game. :0)

Busy day today, I have to get started on some on-line courses, which I'll be telling you all about real soon.
Laundry to catch up on, floors in need of a good mopping, shoes to dream about, bathrooms are needing to be wiped down, shoes to dream about, dust bunnies to clobber, shoes to dream about, a lil' pumpkin hat to wrap up for a sweet little baby named Marco, shoes to dream about, football tonight, get the idea right? LOL!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

PS. Shiela...I'll look through some old albums, I know I can find one somewhere. :0)



Shiela in NY said...

Your statement about it being a miracle for Kody to be in High School made me SMILE!!!!!! I'm happy to be sharing in the moment! :)

Glad to the boys are enjoying school and that Kolin had a nice b-day.

Had to LOL about your agenda for today, Kim, and can't wait for the news about your online courses!!

AND........I just can't help myself and HAVE to say......I think you spelled my name correctly for the first time ever!! :D Love my Mom, bless her soul, but she spelled my name the non-typical way and I've had to correct people my whole life. (SORTA like you having to spell Kruppenbacher - lol!) So, when people spell it wrong I notice but don't always correct. Even though it bugs the heck out of me - LOL!

Hope you have an awesome day dreaming about sho - er, I mean - scouring those floors and bathrooms! =)

Hahahahaha ... can't believe my word verification for today..."RAMBLE".....that's me for sure!!! :D

Shiela in NY said...

P.S. I CANNOT wait for the early pic(s)!!!!! :)

Maloy said...

This is their SCHOOL clothes!? What would be "casual" then? A pair of thongs?

Shiela in NY said...

I'm feeling weak and deprived. Was looking forward to the Big News, and also the older pics.... :)

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, Kim. Just thought I'd let you know I had to go to the ER today. Anxiety. No Blog updates! :P

Hope everything's okay down there...

Maloy said...

I wonder if those courses are yoga or "Running over a local football league official with your posh SUV 101". Neither would surprise me really.

Shiela in NY said...

My God you're making me nervous...

Amy K said...

Kim, you must be a busy mamabear...missing your blogging!
Hope all is well with you & the rest of the Ks.

Maloy said...

Mamabear!!!!!!!! :-))) Ooooh, I wouldn't dare call Mrs.K that. :-)))


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