Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I've Been Knitting Lately

A pretty cool skull hat for the Bear...


I didn't get it done in time for his b-day, but hey...I did get it done so that's all that matters, right?
He tried it on, said it was "cool" and then I told him to put it away for the winter. No need for it in this hot weather we still have.

Back to school for the boys tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have more on those tears in the morning.
Mine, not theirs. :0)

Kody is really excited and just a little bit nervous about being a freshman in a new, very huge high school. And Kolin, he more like "whatever". LOL, nothing phases that kid.

Yesterday's game, which had me driving into a place called "Pine Hills" but what I shall always refer to as "Crime Hills" was, to put in nicely, a joke and a huge waste of my day.
Parking in a neighborhood of drug infested crack houses was not where I wanted to spend my day.
Sitting on a metal bleacher in the sun for 6 hours sucked.
**thank you to the family who said we could share their pop up gazebo the last couple hours**
Being told Kolin couldn't play because nobody told us to bring gym shorts for his weigh in got me pretty pissed.
Having Kody sit in a friggin' hotter then hell men's bathroom stall for an hour so his brother could wear his gym shorts for weigh in and be put last in line as a so called "punishment" for not having gym shorts about made me wanna punch somebody square in jaw.
Watching Kolin and all the rest of the first year kids stand on the side lines for the entire game while all the "star" players got to play REALLY got my ass chapped. Oh wait, sorry they did put Kolin on the field for one play in the 4th bad. He was on the field for oh, maybe 20 seconds.
BTW, the star players, lost the game 12-0.
You know what really got my Italian up though?
Walking three kids back to my jeep, alone in this effed up neighborhood, with nasty creepy drug dealers staring out their front doors, which mark my word, is a place in this state I will NEVER return to.
Getting lost on the way home didn't help my mood much either. I think I'm getting a GPS very soon though. :0)

Let's just say is is pretty damn safe to say Parks and Rec Commissioner of Pop Warner WILL be getting a phone call from this Momma tomorrow and your not gonna like what she's got to say, and trust me, she's got a lot to say.

Other then that, the weekends been a blast.
Vinny and I had a great date this morning and we finished up some last minute school shopping stuff with the kids in tow.

Hope your having a great day!!




Sea52Jay said...

Hope you update us on how that phone call went.... ;-) <3 CJ

Amy K said...

Ugghhhh....I'm mad and I didn't even have to go through the h--l y'all did.
Kids' sports in general tick me off, because of all the politics.
Let us know how that phone conversation goes.
BTW - love the hat.
Happy 1st day of school - I can relate to the tears. But, mine will have to wait another week and a half.
Have a wonderfully, quiet day Kim!

Shiela in NY said...

Oh, my...goodness! Your day sounded horrible, Kim. I can definitely see why you are not happy about the whole shorts thing. And don't ya just hate when coaches put out the best players like that? I've seen it done as well. And it only balloons the brains of those athletes that are on the field. And my theory is...once you're losing let all the first year kids get out there for a while. BUT ... it's always about the stats, isn't it? :( Good luck with that phone call today. {NOTE: Somehow you always make me lol, though. Even though your story wasN'T funny I still chuckled somehow.}

Hope today is better...

Margie said...

I wondered when you said you were going to Crime Hills if you would feel safe. I sure wouldn't have. Please do let us know how the phone call went.

Shiela in NY said...

Stopping by to say Happy Birthday to Kolin. Will try and again later. :)

Maloy said...

(you're not gonna like this :-D)

1. I told you before and I'm telling you again - phone calls DON'T WORK. You can scream and cuss for as long as you want - it won't raise one hair on his bald fat head. Close your Photoshop for a minute and TYPE A LETTER. Print it on paper and mail it to the official "feedback address" of the person who is in charge of this. And request a reply. Won't break your fingers.

2. Get used to your son standing on the side lines. You're SUCH a typical beginner sports Mommy. :-D He's been doing this for what? Two weeks? Three weeks? And you want the coach to let him play a lot? Coach's trust is WON, not granted, and it's won NOT by Mommy's rants but by hard work. Capisce? Actually, ask Kolin - he knows better how to explain all this to you. :-)

3. I forgot.

4. I like Kody's hat! Hey, remember that Microsoft slogan for Windows XP? "Where do you want to go today?" You can have it as your own for that hat knitting thing? What do you want to knit today?

5. I've remembered what I wanted to say in No.3. That fat coach SUCKS. HE should've told Kolin to bring everything he needs for the game. Or maybe he DID, and Kolin forgot but, seeing his lovely beautiful Mummy MAAAAAAAAD, chose to remain silent because everything he'd say WOULD be used against him. :-)))

6. Why in the name of everything that's Holy are they weighing the players? Some medical research to find out an average weight of a Florida child?

Your frying pan magnet

PS I love you, too. :-D

Kim said...

Leo I swear if I wasn't married...LMFAO!!!!!
Thx 4 the advice, will do. :0)

Shiela in NY said...

I'm liking this Maloy person - I LOL about their comments, just like your posts, Kim! :D

I do agree that it's difficult as a parent of a newbie player to wait for our child to play. As for the weight thing, I thought I'd add my two cents. We do that up here and my son says it's so the coaches can make sure they are hydrating/eating properly. My son is just happy that his two a day practices are all done!! Tonight's a team/family picnic and scrimmages start this weekend!

Maloy said...

Don't tempt me! :-))

Maloy said...

I actually thought they weigh them to exclude too heavy boys. This is the first time I hear such a thing - weighing players in a team sport... Hmmmm.

How many players are there in a football team? I just realized I know NOTHING about the game. Could you girls ask your sons for links where I can read more? Wikipedia doesn't say much and the NFL site is WAY too complicated.


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