Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kody & The Alien Kid

He sneaks up from behind, he's funny, he's really weird, he's kind of hyper, he likes to get in everyone's picture, he's greenish....


hehe, he's just the green {reflection from the float} kid brother. No alien life around here...not that I know of anyway, well if you don't include me.
But that's a story for another day. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

BTW, is anybody else having issues getting their mobile tweets to come through? I've been trying since Monday with no luck. :0(



Shiela in NY said...

That pool looks mighty inviting!!

Absolutely no tweet problems. I still say you need to do Mobile Facebook. :P

Maloy said...

OOOOH KIM! You're killing me! I'm right in the middle of the third mortal sin - ENVY! Not the brats of course, but your photographical (is that a word?) talent. VERY nice.


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