Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Jason Mask
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Hoping you all have a lucky one!! :0)



Shiela in NY said...


Hmmm...wonder which scary movie you rented for tonight?

Dot O said...

Made it through the day fairly unscathed. Hope you did too! only an hour and 40 minutes to go....

Amy K said...

I love Friday the youngest child was born on Friday the 13th, along with about 30 other babies that night! They had NO rooms available at the hospital because so many women were in labor! :)
BTW - Kolin, you look tough in your football uniform!! We LOVE football - first preseason Packer game tonight!!! You guys are Jets fans, right??

Kim said...

LOL, Sheila..I watched "The Birdcage" last night...OMG, it is one of my fave movies and not scary at all. In fact it's about a couple gay guys. LMAO!!

Dot, almost made it through but then my Sprite exploded when I opened it at FB practice last night which got canceled suddenly when this huge burst of lightening came out of nowhere.

Amy...WOW!!!!!!!!! So cool!! :0)

Shiela in NY said...

Sooo happy to see that Twitter update!! What a great birthday present for ALL of you!!! :D

Oh - I've added The Birdcage to my "recommended movies" list. :)

Shiela in NY said...

Second stop today, hoping to find a post about Kody's BIRTHDAY! :) Will stop by again later, but wanted to say HOPE IT'S HAPPY!


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