Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Little Skateboards...

Sittin' on a fence. :0)


Only two helmets though, what's up with that??

It's another busy day here. Errands to run, food to buy, swimming pools to clean, laundry to wash, dust bunnies to bust and football practice to attend.

Hopin' your day is not as busy as mine and you can kick back and enjoy the summer. :0)


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Shiela in NY said...

Cute board pick! :)

Well, we sound about the same, Kim. Today I've done a load of wash, took an hour to check "inventory" of back-to-school supplies leftover from last year, and am about to do errands, which will include MUCHO food. Have three basketball games to attend this evening and if I'm not too pooped I'll be IN the pool before bed (and let someone else clean it!).

I don't know how the heck life is always so busy but I can't ever say I'm bored!! :)



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