Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hawk's & Bear's

After not seeing him {or her, I have no idea} for a long while, our hawk is back to hanging out in our backyard.

Pretty bird...


That was taken yesterday afternoon. No, it wasn't dark..I just purposely underexposed it so the back would get dark {or else you'd only see my neighbors trampoline}. I kind of like the way the hawk stands out more like that.

And here's one of our Bear, doing what he loves most, lifting weights and working out...


Kolin started football conditioning practice this past Thursday night. I didn't take the camera because it had just got done storming and since you can never tell when the skies will open up around here, I didn't want to take a chance on a wet broken camera.
Now, had that been a supa sweet D300 or 700, it wouldn't have mattered. They are waterproof. :0)
One day.

He practices every Tuesday and Thursday till season starts on August 2nd. Then he practices 5 times a week.
It's gonna be crazy, but I love seeing him out there, working hard, having fun and learning to find tune his "mad skills". lol!
He is, however, SERIOUSLY considering that haircut now though. hehe...

Not much else going on here. I have to wait for Kody's new med's to be delivered today and I have to hang around and look for a wreath hanger that I always keep in one particular spot in the garage which is now missing and I need it for my 4th of July wreath.
2...Kody's 4th of July sunglasses which he had Thursday night and now they are lost as well.
Dang I should have never let them leave the house, they were for the his 4th pic's I was planning on taking today. :0(

See, my life really is mundane and boring and soooooo normal-ish too. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Sounds way too hot to be having football practice, Kolin!!! Our kids are now doing weight training 3 days a week until 9 AM and then the real stuff starts in August. Then we get to enjoy our games on cool Autumn nights come September! :D

Looking forward to those sunglass pics, and hoping Kody finds his.

Margie said...

Don't you just love a normal life? I do. We used to have so much drama & I don't miss it a bit. Happy 4th of July.

Amy said...

That hawk is awesome Kim! And, what a fantastic photo of Kody - you captured such a look of determination!
I hope you find the sunglasses - that sounds like a photo shoot to look forward to seeing.
Happy 4th K's!!!

Maloy said...

Looked at Kody's picture and remembered something. Several years ago you experimented with sepia and the pictures were GREAT! I haven't seen sepia here for quite a while. Double dare you to try again! :-D

Kim said...

Sepia huh? Double dare me? Ohhhh, sure you know I can't resist a double dare. LOL!!

Maloy said...

I'm serious. They were great! I think it was Kolin in boxing (or some other sport he was into back then) gloves. So, I'm doubling the double dare. :-))


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