Monday, July 5, 2010

Made In The USA

Is certainly wasn't a sunshiny day yesterday, but it wasn't all that bad either. A little rain and mostly very overcast.

We let these two loose with some explosives. LOL, OK maybe not "explosives", just about 80 or so bottle rockets.
This was the first time we actually let them go for it without us protectively standing over them.
Watching them from the back porch, yes. Hovering not so much.

Please excuse the hair, they had just gotten out of the pool not long before I took these and well, pool hair is gross, especially uncombed pool hair. Kolin! LOL!!


July4th2010 010 copy 2

July4th2010 012 copy 2

July4th2010 018 copy 2

This one here is particularly fond of blowing stuff up {scary}...

July4th2010 014 copy 2

We hope your day was a good one too and an even better one today!!



Random said...

Wow, the boys' hair is getting long! I seem to recall your having mentioned that they (or at least Kody) wanted to donate it to Locks of Love; will it be long enough before it has to be cut for ROTC? I hope so!
There's no better way to spend a day (any day) than with a pile of low-impact explosives...

Shiela in NY said...

Great shots!!! :)

We'll be glad to send some sun AND HUMIDITY your way, if you want!

Amy said...

Looks and sounds like home. Boys really do have a love for "blowing things up".
Glad to see the boys enjoyed themselves.

Maloy said...

Did you know that you can make napalm by mixing orange juice and gasoline?

PS The boys don't read this blog, right?

Maloy said...

My favorite part is "Click here to purchase our coffee table book 'Demolition'"

That's the kind of coffee table book for kids who are "particularly fond of blowing stuff up". :-D

PS You sure, they don't read this?

Kim said...

LOL, yes they read the blog, thanks!!


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